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Rubbish Services: Why Green Waste Collection is Beneficial to Our Environment

Do you add your green waste to your household waste bins? It’s time to change that habit.

Most households don’t consider green waste removal to be on their priority list. What we don’t realize, green waste usually end up in our landfills. These biodegradable wastes gradually increase over time in our landfills. Green waste build-up can be extremely harmful to our environment.

What is green waste?

Garden waste in green recycling box in garden
Green waste is commonly known as garden waste. It might be in your front lawn or backyard, it is pretty much everything from tree branches, twigs, leaves, flower and grass clippings. Instead of leaving these wastes to your waste bins for collection, make use of them. These wastes are potentially beneficial if you know how to recycle
them as compost.

Why is Proper Green Waste Disposal Beneficial to our Environment?

Green wastes are biodegradable waste that can be broken down naturally by water, oxygen heat (from the sun), radiation and microorganisms. Once the substances are decomposed, eventually, it will return to the soil.

Green waste decomposition emits harmful and odorous gases and methane, a contributing factor that warms the Earth’s surface or global warming called the greenhouse effect. In addition, it has the potential to cause fires.

Proper green waste removal conserves valuable space and keeps our biodegradable wastes winding up in our landfills.

At Kurt’s, we make sure that your green waste will not go to waste. We practice only the best methods for conserving our environment.

Composting is Eco-friendly

Turn your food residuals and garden waste into natural soil conditioning. Composting yields high-quality mulches, compost and potting mixes which are beneficial to gardening projects agriculture and landscapers. These are the following benefits:

  • Improves soil structure which helps better retention of water and nutrients
  • Provides organic pastures for grazing
  • Reduces potential soil-borne disease and promotes healthy growth
  • Decreases use of pesticides and other synthetic fertilisers

While you can certainly do the composting by yourself, consider this as advice, composting can be messy and time-consuming. Unless you’ve successfully composted previously. 

Kurt’s will not only help you dispose of your green waste and help you produce organic soil fertiliser. We make sure to keep your lawn clean and ensure bad odours generated by green waste will not thrive in your yard.

What Kurt’s Rubbish Removal Offer

  • Proper Green Waste Removal Management
  • Comprehensive and Eco-Friendly Recycling Procedure
  • Effective and Proven Green Waste Removal Method
  • Affordable Green Waste Removal Service

We can remove any unwanted waste you want to be removed, we get the job done.

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