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What Should You Throw in the Green Bin

Gone are the days of dumping your rubbish together in one waste bin. Presently, local councils have different types of waste bins with different colours to dispose of your unwanted rubbish. The initiative will help in mitigating the harmful effects of waste materials in our sanitary landfills. 

Australia is one of the world’s major contributors to greenhouse gas emission. The alarming statistic motioned the government down to its local agencies in initiating strategies to reduce the number of waste we generate. In fact, NSW-EPA has initiated a 20-Year Waste Strategy to provide sustainable and resilient services and markets for waste resources.

The strategy will help in diverting as much rubbish materials away from our sanitary landfills including green waste. As we all know, when green waste decomposes, it releases a toxic chemical known as methane. Methane gas is 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide. To ensure that harmful organic waste is diverted away from our landfills–know what should you throw in the green bin.

What Types of Rubbish Go in the Green Bin?

Depending on your local council’s rules and regulations–normally, a green waste bin accepts kitchen and garden organic waste. However, to ensure that your local council will pick-up your green lid bin, always check your local council’s schedule. Also, you have to know what are the do’s and don’ts, and the acceptable waste materials for your green bin.

Green bins in Sydney should contain only the following acceptable rubbish items and must be closed tightly. Listed below are the acceptable rubbish items for your green lid bin, including:

  • Small branches and twigs
  • Grass clippings and leaves
  • Shrub and tree prunings
  • Flowers and plants
  • Weeds

In  any of the subsequent situation that you will not take heed of the following rules, such as:  

  • Contains other than the list of acceptable items
  • Your green bin is difficult to close 
  • Waste materials lie around the bin

The local council will not take your green bin. Otherwise, these waste materials are bundled and booked separately for pick-up. Always check your local council to ensure rubbish removal.

Rubbish Materials That Do Not Belong in the Green Bin 

  • Biodegradable and compostable packaging or containers
  • Food scraps
  • Garden equipment and plant pots
  • Building materials or rock
  • Branches thicker than ten (10) cm and tree stumps
  • Compostable nappies
  • A large quantity of soil
  • Pet waste
  • Polystyrene
  • Plastic bags
  • Non-organic waste materials

Useful Tips

Normally, green bin rubbish collection happens weekly, fortnightly or depending on your local council’s schedule for waste collection. To avoid green bins reek of rotting fruit, vegetable and other food scraps–try these helpful tips, including:

  • Place the green bin in the shade
  • Layer vegetable, fruit and other food scraps with other green waste as much as possible
  • Use the newspaper to wrap the vegetable scrap
  • Hose out your green bin after it is emptied

Check out your local council’s rubbish collection and make sure to follow the use of the green lid bin correctly.

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