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What is Climate Change

Climate change is the process of the Earth heating up also known as global warming. The warming of the planet is due to the concentration of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere including methane, carbon dioxide and other toxic chemicals. Sadly, these gases have been present to warm and preserve the existence of human life.

Human activity has greatly contributed to global warming since the Industrial Revolution. Climate change is a global problem that continues to make our weather extreme and unpredictable each day that passes. 

And as the temperature continues to rise, some areas will get hotter while others will get wetter. Furthermore, human and even animals or wildlife will not be able to adapt to extreme changes.

What Causes Climate Change?

The rising temperatures are mainly brought about by human activities. To put it simply, we have neglected the adverse effects of procuring our natural resources for decades. Although there are viable reasons for procuring our resources, we can’t stress enough the importance of mitigating the detrimental impacts of climate change. Yes, we can still make a change and help heal our planet.

These are the most common examples of human activities that have greatly contributed to the warming of the Earth. 

  • The burning of fossil fuels. Most industrialised countries have significantly contributed to warming the Earth. When they burn fossil fuels such as gas and oil, it releases gases into the atmosphere during the process. Most of these gases are toxic and detrimental to the environment and human health.
  • Farming. Cattles or cows produce a harmful chemical called as methane. We are all aware that some organic waste materials release a toxic chemical as it decomposes. When cows eat them, it builds up in their digestive system which will be released through waste and digestion. Yes, you heard it right–through burping. 
  • Deforestation. During our Science Class, we were taught that trees absorb carbon dioxide, then, converts and releases it into a clean air–oxygen. Unfortunately, forests are being cut down due to urbanisation, agriculture, road widening, etc. Carbon dioxide is a toxic gas which acts as an asphyxiant if inhaled in a large amount and contributes to warming the Earth. 

The Effects of Climate Change

What makes global warming different over the last decades and billions of human activity years ago? For the last decades, human activities have been more aggressive in releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Records show that it has since rapidly displayed a warmer climate which significantly affected the planet in several ways, including:

  • The rising sea levels
  • Changing of the seasons
  • Shrinking of the ice
  • More rainfall

The effects of climate change will not only affect the people but as well as wildlife and other living things on the planet. In Australia alone, the country is considered as the driest inhabited continent worldwide. The southern part of the country has become more susceptible to drought which leads to the frequency of bushfires. 

The frequency of bushfires has since caused significant damage to wildlife, flora and even the livelihoods of Australians. The abnormal pattern of our weather has greatly affected the country’s agriculture and economy. 

Australia: Greenhouse Gases Emission Over the Years

Climate change is a global threat but our country–Australia have seen worst. In many parts of the country, global warming has become more obvious recently. In 2018, 
Australia has experienced one of its hottest summers on record


From cutting the unnecessary trips to changing energy-saving lightbulbs and turning-off of your electrical items when you’re not using them, you can make a change. Your help is needed. No matter how small the changes are, it can make a difference in mitigating or preventing the detrimental effects of climate change. 

Furthermore, by fully understanding the importance of reducing and recycling your food waste and other rubbish materials, it can make a difference, too. There are plenty of eco-friendly ways to help our planet heal and minimise the detrimental effects of human activities.

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