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The Relationship Between Proper Food Waste Disposal and Deforestation

Linking food waste to anything that happens in the forest doesn’t seem so probable. They seem like far ends of the same spectrum that belong to environmental concerns. However, as mismanaged food waste is still a kind of waste that negatively affects the environment, one is still linked to the other. To be more precise, food waste directly affects deforestation. One cause of deforestation is food production and proper food waste disposal prevents deforestation.

Food Waste in Australia

Food waste is present every day. As a living organism, food is one of the necessities for survival. It’s visible everywhere. Markets, groceries, restaurants, food service and industries exist to bring food to the consumer. In consequence, waste follows from this. Difficulties often arise because food waste is one of the most challenging types of waste to measure, let alone dispose of. You can’t exactly recycle food and transform it into something beneficial after.

An irony remains at hand. Food waste is abundant, however, food is not. Unconsumed food turns to waste. This waste doesn’t only pertain to the food product itself. It’s also a waste to the effort and resources it took to produce the food. As WWF noted, “it’s a staggering figure, but about one-third of all food produced for human consumption around the world goes to waste. Australians are even more wasteful.”

Deforestation for food production

The reason food waste and deforestation is linked is because of food production. If the demand for food goes up, producers need more lands to grow sources that result in food. The food you eat in a restaurant likely came from a deforested land converted exactly for agricultural and farming purposes. Hectares of trees are cut down to make space for newer crop productions. In the worst scenarios, poor lands turn into mismanaged empty lots where trees used to be.

Deforestation is a result of many motivations and things. Illegal logging is one of the reasons for this phenomenon. Natural occurrences in nature result in deforestation. For more practical purposes, actual land space from deforested areas turns into farmlands.

Proper Food Waste Disposal and Deforestation

Food is a demand that produces waste. Nevertheless, proper food disposal lessens deforestation. Proper food consumption goes into this as well. With conscious purchase for food commodities, there will be more orderly demand for newer areas to service food needs. There are many ways you can manage food products to help in keeping the forests.

  • Buy only needed food stocks
  • Always check the expiry date of goods
  • Keep a constant update on the inventory
  • Control food diet
  • Take note of seasonal changes
  • Ensure that products meet market specifications
  • Storing food items appropriately

Proper food waste disposal can also result in less food waste volumes that you produce every time, lessening other dangers of improper food disposal. You can’t throw away what you already consumed. The less food you throw out, the less likely that the demand for food increases, and thus leaving forested lands unharmed.


Deforestation is directly affected by food waste. Practise personal ways of
lessening food waste to avoid the pitfall of consumerism. As most of the crops and basic food for daily intake grow from the ground, the land is essential in growing these things. Proper Food Waste Disposal equals less need for deforested land. Food that you manage well is food that you will most likely not throw to waste.

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