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Why Summer is the Best Time to Declutter

Most people are looking forward to the summer because that’s when all the fun and memorable experiences happen. The season is usually attributed to vacations and trips because it’s school break. This means more time to unwind and perform various activities like going on a trip out-of-town, swimming, and surfing. On a different note, however, summer is also the time to attend to duties and chores that require plenty of time, such as home maintenance and decluttering.

Why is Decluttering Important?

You can’t consider a house clean if there are piles of junk lying around and collecting dust. That’s why if you want to make your home impeccably clean and tidy, you should make decluttering a habit at least once a year. Decluttering involves getting rid of all your junk so you can free up space. As a result, you won’t have unnecessary items inside your house and have plenty of room for other things. Aesthetics, health, and safety around your home will also improve once you’ve decluttered all your rubbish.

Why Should You Declutter in the Summer?

We’ve listed a few reasons why we think summer is the best time to declutter. 

You have plenty of time and can work at your own pace

Decluttering your entire home can take a lot of time and energy, especially if you have a big house. Rubbish inside the house can range from a small pile of old newspaper to bulky appliances like your old oven or fridge. Thus, decluttering may take a few hours to a day, depending on the amount and types of junk you have at home. The summer season gives you plenty of time to scour your entire house and collect all the items you don’t need anymore.

Summer is a great time to get rid of the things you didn’t use in the last season

Think of summer as the judgment day for items inside your house. When you search for rubbish in every corner of your home, include things you haven’t used in the last year or things you won’t be using in the following year. It could be clothes, old magazines, food items, and home decor that you haven’t touched since last year. Maybe you don’t need them anymore and it’s time for them to say goodbye.

You can reuse and be creative with your junk

Decluttering doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw away your rubbish. In the spirit of living sustainably and environment-friendly, you can do
decluttering projects to reuse and repurpose rubbish. You can even invite your family to do fun recycling ideas, such as reusing old clothes to make a potholder, transforming an old can into a pencil holder, and making glass terrarium out of old glass bottles. 

You can carry on home improvements after decluttering

Removing junk can be your first step towards improving your home’s aesthetics. After decluttering and freeing up space, you can continue organising your house so that it looks clean and tidy for the next year. With more space, you can now also add home decorations and
home improvements you didn’t have space for before. 

You can treat yourself after decluttering

Commend yourself after spending time cleaning and decluttering your house. Treat yourself with some nice tropical drink or to a full-body massage. You can also swim in your swimming pool or ride the waves in nearby beaches. You still have the rest of the summer to enjoy with one less worry.


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