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7 Smart Ideas to Save in Your Bathroom Demolition Costs

One of the most crucial aspects to look out for in your home construction is creating your bathroom. It’s one of the most important areas in any home. As a result, you should plan your bathroom with many considerations in mind. This includes the following factors: size, quality design, efficient layout and reasonable cost. Moreover, the first step in building over any existing bathroom at home is demolition. If you want to start over building your best bathroom, it’s always good to start with a blank slate.

The average demolition cost for a bathroom is between $2,000 to $3,500 depending on the size. Asbestos and pest and vermin control for unwanted rats and insects also hike the price up. Moreover, you’ll need to think of disposing of the waste afterwards. Luckily, Kurt’s Rubbish Removal is available to help you in that aspect. As a team of expert rubbish removalists, they can take care of your demolition waste. 

It’s safe to say, bathroom demolitions can turn into one of the most expensive choices you’ll have to make. Demolition costs are some of the biggest things you can possibly spend on for your home. As such, you’ll need cost-saving tips to make sure you stay within your budget.

1.   Compare prices

Before pushing with your demolition plans, research on demolition service providers around you. You can do any of the following:

  • Ask for rates
  • Search for respective reviews and websites
  • Enquire for quotations based on your bathroom

With this way, you have a good shot at comparing the most desirable price range you can handle. Plan out your demolition job well and think of your schedule as rush jobs might cost you a little more.

2.   Consider organisations that can offer free demolitions

Some organisations offer their demolition and deconstruction services for free. In exchange, they get to keep the useful materials that they still find. This lowers down your demolition cost a lot. The only things you’ll need to think about after is the debris and after-care of the demolition.

3.   Do some of the work by yourself

To lessen costs, you can opt to do some of the doable work by yourself. The most important thing to note about is your safety in removing materials in your bathroom. Always take note of load-bearing walls, electrical wiring and plumbing pathways. Be attentive in moving accessories in your bathroom, especially the fragile things. Lessing cost is beneficial, but, your safety should always be the top priority. 

4.   Keep the fixtures in place

For bathroom demolitions, you can always talk to your demolition team. You can tell them to demolish only the most pertinent and crucial aspects of your bathroom. this can include bathroom tiles and wall partitions only. You can always opt-out of completely replacing all your fixtures. This will lessen the effort and time needed to deconstruct your bathroom. Moreover, this will lessen the cost you need to pay for. 

5.   Think of sizing down your bathroom

Size is the most deciding factor between cost and house demolitions. The bigger your bathroom area is, the more space and layout your demolition team needs to take out. Usually, after bathroom demolition is a bathroom renovation. For this case, contemplate on sizing down the area you want for demolition. Consider sizing down, and maybe you don’t need to have the entire bathroom taken out.

6.   Retain the layout

If you’re planning to renovate your bathroom right after the demolition, it is best to keep the layout. This can cut down the expenses. Layout changes often involve moving and removing plumbing and electrical system parts. These are some of the most expensive cost contributions to your total bill. Save expenses by retaining the most essential foundations of your bathroom. 

7.   Hire affordable rubbish removalists 

Sometimes, the demolition job is affordable and it’s the after-work that costs a lot more. Construction waste removal is essential. You need to make sure that your old bathroom is clear from any debris after the demolition. You’ll need a reliable waste removal provider to handle your demolition rubbish. This is where Kurt’s Rubbish Removal comes in. With affordable rates, you won’t have to worry about your total demolition costs. 


Kurt’s Rubbish Removal offers demolition and construction waste removal services. As a team of expert removalists, we make sure that your trash is well-taken care in your old bathroom. You don’t have anything else to worry about apart from building the bathroom of your dreams. We’re available around Sydney. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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