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Skip Bin Hire vs Rubbish Removal

Everybody generates garbage. It is said that every year, every single person creates garbage that is large enough to fill a three-bedroom apartment from the floor to the ceiling. Whether the rubbish is residential, industrial, or building, removing it will let you maintain a clean home or workplace.

Getting rid of small amounts of waste is not a problem for most people, but it will certainly be an issue when it becomes large quantities of waste. With rubbish removal services and skip bins are giving homeowners a free hand, these solutions are a great help in decluttering junks and freeing your space from hoarded junks.

However, if you’re new to these services, maybe you don’t know what to expect, or which choice is best for you. Deciding between rubbish removal and skip bins isn’t always easy, but here’s some details that will help you make the right decision.

Skip Bin Hire

This is a large metal container for storing rubbish until it is full enough, the hired company will take it for disposal. Although hiring a skip bin is one of the most cost-efficient and quickest ways to get rid of household waste, the thing is a great effort will demand more time depending on how much waste you’re producing.

The skip hire company is obliged to collect and move it to where it will be disposed of. They treat the garbage efficiently by moving it according to the law of the appropriate facilities.

There are different sets of skip sizes and measurements, allowing you to choose the one that fits your needs best. Skip bins can be junk skip bins or garden bins. A garden skip can be used to dispose of 100 per cent green waste and mixed rubbish can be disposed of with a junk skip. However, skips usually don’t consider heavy construction waste materials. 

Rubbish Removal Services

Rubbish removal services eliminate unwanted junks and any waste away from your house, workplace or building site. The benefit of using a rubbish removal service is that 2 men can remove the garbage for you, which ensures that you will not waste any effort or energy. You can make more efficient use of your time to perform other tasks. 

You may prefer hiring a waste removal service if you want to remove that bulky old sofa or wants to keep your business room tidy for your visitors. With rubbish removal services, a safe approach to rubbish collection and removal of rubbish of all forms and sizes in the environment is assured.

Pros and Cons Guide: Rubbish Removal vs Skip Bin Hire

If the price is an issue, both services can be affordable or expensive depending on the waste and your demanded service. Let’s take a look at different angles aside from the price itself. It is best to weigh all the pros and cons and consider choosing a better option. 

Permits and Delays

If you’re on a tight schedule to get rid of your rubbish, it might be that a skip bin hire will not suit your needs. In having a skip bin, a permit must be considered. You have to wait first for the Council’s approval before the delivery of bins. 

Another thing, if the truck is too late to clear your skip bins in your front yard and the stay of skip bins exceeds the period indicated in the permit, you have to renew it or accept the risk of a fine from the Council. In most situations, when hiring a rubbish removal service, at least the job will be done the same day, and you will not need to arrange the timing with permit approval.

Your Effort vs Other People’s Effort

In skip bin hire, all the work will lie on your shoulders. All you have to do is pay for the skip then fill it with your waste. From sorting, carrying and loading the rubbish, it’s all your effort. However, with rubbish removal services, the waste is cleared and disposed of for you. That makes rubbish removal more convenient than skin bin hire.

Space Matters

Skip bins are usually between 2 and 40 yards in size, which means that it will demand space in your front yard that is convenient for the truck collector. If you have enough space allotted for skip bins, you can get this service. But if you have a little or no space for skip bins, rubbish removal will be a great option since it’s the removalists who will take care of your garbage. You can also control what garbage you want the removalists to get rid of in your house.

Same Day Waste Removal

This is commonly the idea that must be considered when choosing between which services to hire. In skip bin hire, there will be no same-day rubbish removal. You will wait until the bin is fully loaded and the skip bin hire company will collect your rubbish in the skip bins. 

As for rubbish removal, this is convenient if you want to immediately remove and dispose of your rubbish. Same-day waste removal is guaranteed if you choose rubbish removal services. This will also include fast and efficient removal of waste.

Site Clean-Up

This is one of the pros or highlights of rubbish removal. You will no longer worry about cluttering and decluttering your rubbish at home since rubbish removal includes site clean-up. Unlike skip bin hire, it does not have site clean-up since you will be the one clean-up the mess.


If you’re looking to get rid of your household waste easily and effectively, then you have two options in front of you – using skip bins or going for professional rubbish removal. But if you compare the two options if disposing of your household rubbish, rubbish removal is the most convenient service to hire. However, if you have a lot of time to spare, skip bin hire is still an option.

At Kurt’s Rubbish Removal, rubbish removal services are maximised. There’s no greater feeling than finishing up from a junk removal job and seeing the loyal customer’s faces happy and satisfied. With affordable prices and quality waste removal performance, your problem with dumping your rubbish will be quick and hassle-free. 

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