Piano Removal Sydney


Piano Removal Sydney

Disposing of an old and broken piano is not a one-man job. Given the weight and size of a piano, expect a lot of heavy lifting and potential injuries as you complete the task. Aside from that, you’ll also deal with transporting your instrument to a recycling and disposal facility which should properly deal with your piano rubbish. 

Thankfully, Kurt’s Rubbish Removal is here to do everything for you. We will take care of your instrument from collecting it through to disposing of it. We have the right people and equipment to do the task of lifting, transferring, and disposing of your piano.

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We understand that a single unusable piano in your home can be quite a nuisance. It’s not working yet it takes up so much space. Not to mention how hard it is to keep it neat and dust-free. That’s why our piano removal services can come in handy to end your piano issues. 

No instrument is too heavy nor too large to our team of dedicated experts. Our ample training, skills, and knowledge make piano removal fast and easy. We offer same-day piano removal services around the Sydney area so that we can dispose of your old instrument immediately.

Why Choose Kurt’s Rubbish Removal

Kurt’s Rubbish Removal is one of the most trusted rubbish removalist companies in Sydney. You can trust our professional team to get rid of your piano in the most efficient and eco-friendly manner possible. We have the proper equipment, protective gears, and the right training to do the job fast and correctly. 

Expert Team for Safe and Efficient Piano Removal

When you book with us, we assure you that you’re in good hands. Our team of professional rubbish removalists can safely eliminate your piano from your property to ensure that no one gets hurt and nothing in your home gets damaged. Our professional rubbish removalists are equipped with the right skills, strength, and manpower to complete the job safely and efficiently.


Kurt also guarantees piano disposals that are good for the environment. Worry no more about your bulky piano occupying a lot of space in the landfill because we will recycle it. We have partner recycling and disposal facilities to divert your piano rubbish from landfills. We will break down your instrument into pieces and recycle every bit we could.

Fast and Affordable Rubbish Removal Services

  • 20+ Years Experience
  • Quick Response Team
  • Fast and Excellent Piano Removal Services
  • Lowest Piano Removal Rates with Discounts for Regular Clients
  • Same-Day Rubbish Removal Service
  • Implements Strict Guidelines in Proper Waste Disposal
  • Efficient Collection, Sorting, Disposal, and Recycling of Piano Rubbish

Kurt’s Rubbish Removal is the answer to your old and broken piano lying around your home. Book with us, and we’ll be at your doorstep within the hour, ready to collect and dispose of your instrument in the safest and most efficient manner we know. More than that, Kurt is also your partner in taking care of the environment. We recycle and dispose of the rubbish we collect in accordance with NSW EPA guidelines on proper waste disposal. So, you can rest assured your piano will be recycled and disposed of responsibly.

Kurt’s Rubbish Removal takes pride to be one of the most reliable rubbish removal companies in Sydney. Call us anytime at 0428 255 438 or send us an email at [email protected] for a free quote.

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Thinking about hiring us for your upcoming rubbish removal job? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Rubbish removal costs is typically calculated in a very simple way. We look at the type of rubbish you collected and calculate the size of the load. For more complex removals such as hard construction waste, we may also factor in labour costs. 

Simply call us and inform us of the amount of load you need removed and we will do the rest.

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Kurt and his team were extraordinary. They showed great professionlism when working with our own team to safely collect and load construction junk into their trucks. They made the entire junk collection process hassle-free and were flawless throughout. Thank you again!

Thomas. P
Great service along with great pricing!! You guys arrived on-time and with a positive attitude. Very accommodating bunch who worked with us to sort out our junk in a timely fashion. Will definitely be calling again in future!

Ben. K
Straight-forward rubbish removal service with a smile! Kurt and 2 other gentlemen came down to collect our unwanted household items. They were quick, friendly and punctual throughout the entire cleanup. Great work team!

Alicia. T
We can't recommend Kurt's Rubbish Removal enough!! Our experience with this company was amazing throughout. They arrived, were extremely friendly and tailored to all our special requests. We really appreciate the clean up. Also, great affordable pricing!

Taylor. R
We have been using Kurt's Rubbish for the past 2 years, frequently removing office junk. Kurt has always proven to be highly reliable throughout each and every single job. We can not fault these guys one bit. Thank you and we'll see you again soon!!

John. B & Wendy. K

Here's Why You Should Choose Kurt's

Fast & quick rubbish removal
Cheapest rates in Sydney
We recycle everything
Discounts for regular customers
Same-day rubbish pick up
We take it all unwanted junk