Household Carpet Removal


Household Carpet Removal

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Kurt’s professional removalists will remove all sorts and sizes of unwanted carpet from residential or commercial establishments.

Items We Take

Kurt’s Rubbish removal will take out carpets of all types:

  • Nylon Carpet
  • Wool Carpet
  • Acrylic Carpet
  • Olefin Carpet
  • Marine Carpet

Carpeting is among the most favourite flooring choice of Sydneysiders. Not only will it spice up your room, but the cloudy texture adds up to the magnificence, giving you warmth for the winter. However, your carpet is highly susceptible to dirt and dust build-up. 

Normally, carpets have a lifespan of 3-5 years. Beyond this, it will most likely wear off and will look uneven or discoloured. Adding to the nasty look, it can also endanger your family and pets.

Leaving old carpets in your garage for a long time can only collect more dust and attract dust mites, triggering allergies and asthma. If you’re clueless about how to permanently get rid of it, Kurt’s Rubbish Removal is here to help.

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Best Price Rubbish Removal

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Why Choose Kurt’s Rubbish Removal?

Kurt’s Rubbish Removal has handled all sorts of carpet removal services for more than two decades. Our expert removalists and professional equipment are more than capable of taking out all kinds of household carpets anywhere in Sydney. 

Our extensive range of rubbish removal services has helped us tailor an efficient and effective removal system. It also enables us to sort and dispose of all types of solid waste on the same day. Invite us for a free visit and a customer-friendly quote.

Fast and Affordable Household Carpet Removal Services

20+ Years Experience

  • Quick Response Team ‒ we’ll be in and out within the hour
  • Fast and Excellent Household Carpet Removal Services
  • Best Household Carpet Removal Rates
  • Discounts for Regular Clients
  • Implements Strict Guidelines in Proper Waste Disposal
  • Efficient Sorting, Hauling, Recycling, and Disposal of Rubbish

Your old carpets are guaranteed to go a long way. We aim to divert as much rubbish from landfills as possible. Our vast network in recycling and disposal facilities strictly comply with the NSW EPA rules and regulations.

We are active supporters of the Green Earth Movement and other Eco-friendly campaigns. We love the planet as much as you do, and we’ll do anything in our part to make it clean and livable for future generations.

Call us at 0428 255 438 or leave an email at [email protected] for a free quote.

Best Price Rubbish Removal

Price Guide

Thinking about hiring us for your upcoming rubbish removal job? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Rubbish removal costs is typically calculated in a very simple way. We look at the type of rubbish you collected and calculate the size of the load. For more complex removals such as hard construction waste, we may also factor in labour costs. 

Simply call us and inform us of the amount of load you need removed and we will do the rest.

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Rubbish Type

We take it all. No matter how big or small the size of your unwanted junk

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Fast Pickup

We offer fast, same-day rubbish removal all across Sydney

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We Recycle

We always recycle where possible – we believe in greener more sustainable future

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We Cleanup

After every rubbish removal is complete, we clean up ensuring your site is completely spotless

Here's Why You Should Choose Kurt's

Fast & quick rubbish removal
Cheapest rates in Sydney
We recycle everything
Discounts for regular customers
Same-day rubbish pick up
We take it all unwanted junk