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Garden Waste Removal

garden rubbish removal

Items We Take

Kurt’s Rubbish Removal will take the following from your quaint garden:

  • Unwanted trees and plants
  • Clippings, prunings, trimmings, and other cuttings
  • Dead trees, logs, and stumps
  • Backyard green waste, dried leaves, twigs, and other organic rubbish
  • Old structures, garden furniture, including broken gazebos
  • Gravel, soil, bricks, grass turf, weeds, and all forms of backyard waste

There’s nothing more relaxing and satisfying than watching your beautiful and flourishing garden. Such picturesque is the culmination of all of the resources that you’ve poured in to make your property as visually perfect as it can be. However, garden owners share a similar plight—how to maintain and keep the beauty of their properties.

This is where you need to have a partner to take away the rubbish that could be an eyesore in your garden. Kurt’s Rubbish Removal is the only partner that you will need. With our excellent garden rubbish removal services, the beauty of your lush garden and orchards is ensured to last all year round.

Our professional team is exceptionally trained to handle all kinds of rubbish removal jobs—including garden rubbish removal. We’ll remove the blemishes and help you keep your garden as appealing and pristine as it should always be.

garden rubbish removal services

What others are saying ...

Yaz Huseinspahic

Good transparent pricing. They came on the same-day and cleaned out our garage without any fuss. They were extremely quick with loading heavy items on their truck, made the entire process look very easy. Thanks again

Henry Telford

Henry Telford

Kurt and his team arrived on-time and cleaned up our site FAST! We we frankly surprised on how fast 3 men cleared out our unwanted furniture and commercial junk - keeping in mind we almost had 2 room fulls. Very professional and great value for money. Thanks, Henry.

Samya Ghiasy

Kurt and the team is one of the most professional, responsive and outstanding rubbish removal companies in Sydney. Not only did they meet every expectation, they were very friendly, helpful and efficient! I couldn't recommend them more.


Erica Lizzo

Thank you to the team at Kurt's Rubbish Removal. Absolute legends. They were on time, professional and assisted me in removing all old furniture I did not want and the rubbish from my house Spring clean. Genuine care, hassle free and they did exactly what they said they would. They are a company that hold to their promises. They are simply THE BEST ON THE MARKET!!

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Reliable & Affordable Rubbish Removal

The golden wattles are in full bloom, and sunlight hits your ornaments at a perfect angle. Isn’t it nice to bask in the sun and admire your garden’s picturesque view? After all, it embodies all the time and resources you’ve spent to shape its beauty. But, as your eyes wander around the landscape, you’ll see weeds and clippings waving from a corner. Yikes! Garden maintenance sucks.

But, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. With Kurt’s Rubbish Removal as your garden buddy, you’ll get to enjoy the view without lifting a finger to remove dreaded wastes. Give us a call, and we’ll keep your garden’s beauty eternal.    

Benefits of Garden Waste Removal

Specifically, our garden waste removal offers you the following benefits:

1. Convenience

Even if you’re capable of removing garden wastes on your own, it’s a hassle to set up compost or find an appropriate place to discard them. With that, rubbish removal primarily provides convenience since we’ll collect and dispose of them for you. 

2. Expert care

We value your garden’s health as much as you do. Hence, we equip our rubbish removalists with appropriate skills, tools, and equipment to remove your organic wastes without harming your garden.

3. Cost-effective

You won’t have to purchase equipment and containers to remove organic waste with garden waste removal. We will only charge you a total fee that covers all these.

4. Eco-friendly

We partner with various recyclers and composting facilities to turn your organic wastes into something useful, like energy and fertilisers.

5. Time-saving

Our removalists got every little thing of the removal process covered. So, you can just sit back, relax, and own the time.

Types of Garden Waste We Take

1. Unwanted trees and plants

In gardening, there are times you’ll need to cut down trees and plants. It may be for safety or aesthetics. Naturally, this unwanted greenery will occupy space and obstruct your garden’s path. Fortunately, we also collect them and know just where to discard them.

2. Clippings, prunings, trimmings, and other cuttings

Just like any living thing, plants also grow, causing them to become too bushy or branchy. That’s not good if you want to maintain a specific garden look, so you trim and clip. Trouble doesn’t end there, though. These clippings and trimmings will eventually float around and loiter in your garden. But, no matter how small these pieces may be, we can easily remove them. 

3. Dead trees, logs, and stumps

Removing stumps and logs of dead trees can be dangerous. It requires sharp and heavy tools like a chainsaw or limbing saw. Therefore, we have expert rubbish removalists to do the work for you.

4. Backyard green waste, dried leaves, twigs, and other organic rubbish

Endlessly falling dried leaves and twigs can be annoying, especially during autumn. If left unattended, they’ll envelop your once beautiful garden. Don’t let that happen, and call us for help. We’ll do the raking and collection of leaves for you.  

5. Old structures, garden furniture, including broken gazebos

Recently hit by a storm? Don’t know where to dispose of damaged garden structures and furniture?

Kurt is here for you. Apart from collecting organic wastes, we also do eco-friendly demolition jobs and furniture collection. We’ll find charities for your garden furniture and recycle construction debris where possible.

Gravel, soil, bricks, grass turf, weeds, and all forms of backyard waste

Basically, we remove just about anything that bothers your garden. Give us a call, and we’ll remove garden wastes of different sizes and nature.

How Our Garden Waste Removal Service Works

  1. Schedule – Schedule a visit by calling us at 0428 255 438 or requesting a quote online. We also offer same-day garden waste removal.
  2. Arrival – We’ll call you an hour before the scheduled time. But, if you opted for a same-day removal, we’d arrive within an hour. Once we arrive, all you have to do is point the garden wastes to be taken. Afterwhich, we’ll give you the all-inclusive price.
  3. Collection – Finally, we’ll collect the rubbish and perform a site cleanup if necessary. Then, we’ll shoo away to properly compost, recycle, or landfill your garden wastes.