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The Sad Truth About the Effects of Litter to the Environment

Waste isn’t the real problem we are all facing now. It is one of the natural aspects of living organisms and human life. All living things generate rubbish to continue living in their own environment. The real problem is, we mismanage the waste. This leads to so many catastrophes that drastically affects everything here on Earth. Trash isn’t the cause of all litter issues in the environment. We are the problem. 

There are many ways to manage personal trash at home. Waste management poses a challenge, especially for working people and families. Rubbish removalists are here to aid in waste collection and disposal. Kurt’s Rubbish Removal is one of the most reliable rubbish removalists in town. With extensive experience, they can handle your trash. They can maximise your trash for better environmental impacts too. Even then, it is the job of each person to handle their own waste.

Australia as a big waste generator

In the years 2016 to 2017, Australia generated 67 million tonnes of rubbish. That is a 240% big increase from the 22.7 million tonnes of generated trash two decades earlier. This waste volume is growing and increasing every year. The environment can turn more complicated with increasing kinds of trash around. While it is true, you can’t recycle all kinds of trash. However, many of these are still good candidates for recycling facilities. All you need is to do is take initiative. 

In New South Wales, residents 3.5 million tonnes of waste on average. This amount is also increasing every year. The average trash generation of each person might look small. Yet, when you accumulate them, it comprises the big waste generation from Australia. Rubbish volumes can balloon up. Landfills can fill up fast when recycling initiatives aren’t taken into action.

Effects of litter to the environment 

People dispose of big amounts of trash every year and have the tendency to mismanage this trash. Things can get dangerous. These negative effects can be more noticeable to wildlife and to natural resources. Things can spiral out of hand and negatively affect everything.  

Safety in the environment 

When you leave the trash out in the open, anything can happen. Hazardous waste can turn into a source of problem for anybody around. Products and chemicals can be a source of accidents or fires in the neighbourhoods. Surroundings can be unsafe to walk around in with the presence of sharp objects and trash. The most protective space and areas you should be able to enjoy can sadly turn dangerous places. 

Wildlife degrade

The wildlife becomes the next most affected creatures after us. When people choose to not manage well the trash they discard in the wild, animals are in danger. Something as easy as green waste from branches and twigs can become the death of animals. Contaminated water sources can become an unhealthy or harmful resource for some animals. Most of these animals are innocent victims of humanity’s mismanaged garbage.

Source of disease and sickness

Vermin and pests can cause danger to anybody around. If there is garbage scattered around, these creatures can infest homes. In turn, they can bring with them danger that can cause any of your family members to get sick. it is always important to make sure that your home is clean so it doesn’t become a source of sickness. Work with Kurt’s Rubbish Removal to make sure that your home has a regular waste collection of garbage. This lessens unwanted leaches in your home.


The environment is degrading fast. Even if you don’t feel it now, everything is negatively affected by waste mismanagement. Here at Kurt’s Rubbish Removal, we offer all sorts of rubbish removal services. We make sure that we play our part in making the waste situation now better. We are all responsible for keeping our trash well. We are also responsible for protecting the only true home we have for the next generations to come. Dispose of your trash with us. Contact us! 

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