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Rubbish Removal: What is Notice of Disposal?

Perhaps, the thought of handling your waste and other disposables in your home is not on top of your priority list. You probably lack the will, attitude or you’re simply busy to do it regularly. However, when taking all factors into consideration while you were renting a property for a weekend trip or just on an ordinary day, whether it would be on a mountain cabin or in a luxurious high-rise hotel; rubbish is made and needs to be attended to. 

Proper management of your garbage is critical due to the fact that certain types of waste are health hazards and can contaminate its surrounding if handled poorly.

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Notice of Disposal

The Notice of Disposal is a notice in writing intended for i.e. tenants, commercial worker and company, healthcare facilities. The notice is stipulated with rules and guidelines on how to manage their waste properly and that they must follow. Hence, they get fined

Whether you’re on a vacation or long term occupancies you will benefit from this simple yet helpful and informative sheet of paper. The essence of this writing is to provide the basic and necessary information. Basically, these are the contents of Notice of Disposal: 

  1. Where the rubbish receptacles are located
  2. What must be recycled or reused
  3. When it should be collected
  4. Where the trash shall be taken on those specified days

These details are provided to make sure that tenants, residents, office workers and business companies will not create health hazards to the community. What makes it even more useful is that you can take it down anytime for additional information or change the ones that are already established and enhance it even more.


Why is the Notice of Disposal important?

Not only is this form essential to be included in conjunction with the lease agreement, but it can also be provided later to notify your tenant any changes of the stipulations regarding how the waste, garbage bins, or recyclables are handled.

This form makes sure that your tenants are compliant and responsible when it comes to proper waste disposal and in handling the recyclables accordingly.

Tenants are informed of their responsibilities including the fines or fees incurred due to their negligence for not following the rules and regulations. This also protects the landlord from having to pay hefty fines and provide a route of collection, just in case things might get out of hand.

Whether you’re on vacation or long term tenancy, together with the proprietors, will definitely benefit from this simple yet valuable sheet of paper.



The Notice of Disposal will provide tenants with the specific procedures to follow regarding how to manage their waste and recyclables during their tenancy. Residents, school officials, healthcare facilities and business owners, this responsibility is not solely confined and should not remain in a sheet of paper. Whether it’s on paper or not, we should all be obliged to do our part in keeping our community neat, tidy and livable. 

Proprietors should be aware of the growing numbers of waste providers around the neighbourhood. This may not be an alarming call considering that we have one common goal to solve your rubbish problems. This is a call to all the proprietors to choose only a reputable removal company with a reliable and proven track record. 

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