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How Rubbish Removal Services Help in Preventing COVID-19 Spread

We’re all at the almost halfway mark of what was supposed to be the start of a new decade for the world. Instead of celebrating new beginnings and better chances in keeping our lives better, the world is currently facing one of the most deadly microorganisms to ever come in contact with humanity, the COVID-19. We are in a position of imminent danger from these pathogens. As such, many people are fighting to keep it at bay, away from people.

Some of the strictest and most effective protocols are really to practise proper hygiene and perform thorough cleanliness in your home. All of us are called to do our parts in preventing the spread of this deadly disease. We are in a collective effort to keep ourselves more alert and attentive to any new updates about the ongoing global issue. You can do all of the following to ensure your personal safety and the protection of your family.

  • Washing hand properly with anti-bacterial soap or liquid
  • Avoid touching your face or somebody else
  • Maintain social distancing from other people especially when going out
  • Always cleaning common areas at home that are in contact with you like doorknobs, countertops, etc.
  • Wearing proper face masks and protective gear when going out or engaging with other people
  • Keep your surroundings and things generally clean

Many of these are things you can do. In fact, they are things everybody should strictly practise anywhere. However, other things like keeping your home as clean as possible are a bit of a challenge, especially where waste disposal is concerned. After all, if everybody is required to stay indoors, even the local rubbish removals team, who’s going to collect your rubbish in the front lawn? It’s much more difficult than expected. This is why we are here.

Kurt’s Rubbish Removal, along with other same companies around is in aid to this whole pandemic. As a company, we exist more than just to collect your domestic garbage. Especially now with the need for more people who serve as front-line service people who are brave enough to be in the riskiest position to help the outside environment of Sydney. Rubbish Removal companies like us take a lot of risks to make sure the outside maintains cleanliness.

We exist to go out and do our jobs in order for people like you to stay indoors and at home as much as possible. We always run the risk of contracting the virus outside. Frontlines are almost always the closest in contact to the next ready infection that can spread amongst each other Because we work with a team, it’s more challenging to practise social distancing when we need to work together, sometimes in an enclosed space or near each other.

Moreover, more protocols are imposed in the workplace. This means more additional and urgent work is needed to make sure that our properties and things are more secure and clean to use. On top of making sure that our home and families are safe, we need to make sure that our workspace is secure enough that all people who report in for work also get to go home uninfected and safe from the pandemic.

Times right now are very hard and challenging. It seems like we are all fighting an unknown living thing that is slowly wiping out each one slowly. However, if we all work together to keep each other safer and less prone to the effects of the virus, we can emerge from the virus more alert and attentive than ever.


We all truly live in turbulent times. As one of the rubbish removal companies around for a really long time, our mission is to help in keeping Sydney as clean as possible. To prevent the ongoing COVID-19 from spreading, we all need to work together in keeping them from affecting more lives. We can do the dirty part of the job of collecting your rubbish to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. You can help by staying indoors always. Contact us!

Give us a call at 0428 255 438 or send us an enquiry at info@kurtsrubbish.com.au


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