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Ultimate Guide to Sydney Rubbish Removal Services

Like any other country in the world, Australia is also facing a challenge that stems from rubbish. The government is lagging behind other developed countries in terms of waste management and recycling.

In 2016-2017, we produced an estimated 67 million tonnes (Mt) of rubbish, but only recycled 58% of that enormous amount. Over the years, the rubbish problem continues to worsen as the population continues to boom. Sydney, Australia’s most populated city, is primarily affected by this rubbish crisis.

Sydney Waste Statistics

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Sydney is home to over 200, 000 residents and 437,000 job opportunities. On a typical day, there are around 1.2 million people in the city, including residents, employees, visitors and students. By 2031, this number is expected to reach approximately 5.8 million. By that time, the rubbish generated in Sydney will have also grown sixfold.

Sydney produces 5,500 tonnes of rubbish every day. In a year, that amounts to around 2 million tonnes of rubbish. The majority (90%) of the city’s total waste comes from businesses. This amounts to 700,000 tonnes of rubbish every year from the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) waste stream.

On the other hand, rubbish from the Municipal waste stream amounts to 71,000 tonnes yearly from residential areas and city-managed properties. Lastly, Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste produced in Sydney amounts to more than 1.2 million tonnes.

The Rubbish Removal Industry in Sydney

There is clearly a waste management problem in Sydney. Council pickups are not enough to cover all types of rubbish that people in Sydney dispose of.

That’s why rubbish removal companies emerge to rescue the city from improper rubbish disposal. They are established to help people manage the different kinds of junk and waste they generate on a daily basis. Moreover, they are also expedient in reaching the recycling targets that the Australian government has set. Now, rubbish removal is an essential component of the waste management process

Rubbish removal is the process of collecting, segregating, transporting, recycling, and disposing of various kinds of waste. In Sydney, hundreds of companies offer rubbish removal services to deal with the task of discarding your household rubbish for you.

When you hire them, you don’t have to do anything at all. They will take charge of the whole process from the collection through to the disposal of your junk. 

The Junk Removal Process

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Rubbish removal is not an easy process, especially if your rubbish has piled up over the years or if you have large rubbish items to discard. It requires a lot of time, energy, patience, and even money. The following are the steps you have to do to ensure the proper removal of your rubbish.

1. Collection

The first thing you have to do is to collect your rubbish. It is ideal that you scour through your house and declutter so that you can find more items to discard. This includes old and broken items, things you don’t need and use anymore, and items you won’t be using anymore.

2. Segregation

Sort your rubbish according to their types. This is to ensure that they can be recycled and disposed of accordingly. Segregation is also crucial to avoid contamination if ever you have hazardous rubbish and organic waste. If these things mix up with your recyclables, the latter can no longer be reprocessed.

3. Loading your Junk

Loading your rubbish into your car is another exhausting step in junk removal. You have to carry and lift all of your rubbish into your vehicle and then drive your junk to recycle and disposal facilities. Even if you’ve rented a dumpster, you’re still left to do this process by yourself. Dumpster rental companies will only provide you with the skip bin and then haul them away once you’ve filled them with rubbish.

4. Recycling

Most people who do their rubbish removal by themselves skip this step. That’s because they think that a stopover at a recycling facility is just a waste of gas and time when they can just dump all their rubbish directly in landfills. In reality, recycling is a crucial step in saving our resources and the environment. It enables you to recover the valuable materials that can still be used and reprocessed to manufacture new products.

5. Disposal

Disposal in landfills is the final step in the rubbish removal process. This is where all non-recyclable, non-organic junk should end up.

Types of Rubbish

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Rubbish comes in various types and sizes. It is crucial that you determine the type of junk you have to dispose of, so you can handle it properly. Some wastes are still valuable and shouldn’t be discarded. Others decompose quickly and should likewise not end up in landfills. 

Some types of rubbish can be toxic and harmful to the environment, and human health, so proper care and handling are necessary. Here we have listed 7 common types of rubbish you should be familiar with.

1. Solid and Liquid Household Rubbish

This type of waste is also called municipal waste. It consists of liquid or solid rubbish that you typically discard at home and can be collected by council pickups. This means that it does not include toxic chemicals so you can handle them safely. 

However, it is important that you dispose of them properly and securely since they can attract pesky pests like rats, mice, ants, and flies. Some examples of solid household rubbish include plastic bags, containers, packaging materials, cardboard boxes, tin cans and other metals, and broken glass and ceramics.

Examples of liquid household waste are dirty water, wash water, and organic liquids.

2. Recyclable Waste

The recyclable waste category comprises rubbish items that can be processed again to make new materials. These include plastics, dry paper and cardboard, metals and glass. The said materials are valuable, so they shouldn’t end up in landfills but rather turned into something useful or creative. 

You should segregate recyclable wastes at the source so that they don’t get contaminated. Or else, you cannot recycle them anymore, and they would end up being discarded. 

3. Electronic and Electrical Waste (E-waste)

Due to our advancements in technology, we now have devices and appliances that work on electricity. These things can either be plugged into a socket or battery-operated. When these electrical items become obsolete or reach the end of their product life, that’s when they are called e-waste. 

Electrical waste is usually an assortment of plugs, battery system, and electrical cables. Large and small appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, blenders, toasters, and hair iron are under this category. Smartphones, computers, laptops, televisions, game consoles, and battery-operated toys are other examples of e-waste.

4. Organic Waste

This rubbish category includes waste that decomposes fast such as food waste and garden waste. They naturally break down under the right conditions, or with the help of decomposers that feed on them. 

Examples of organic rubbish include leftover food, fruit peels, grass and weed clippings, tree limbs and trunks, and fallen leaves.

Organic rubbish should not end up in landfills because they produce methane, which is a toxic greenhouse gas. Instead, you can opt to compost them to turn them into a natural fertiliser for your garden soil and plants.

5. Medical Waste

Medical waste is a harmful type of rubbish and, therefore, should be handled carefully. They pose health risks to people and animals because they can spread diseases. Medical waste is not limited to hazardous medical substances. It also includes the rubbish generated from the immunisation, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, research and testing of humans and animals. 

Examples of medical and clinical wastes include used bandages and dressing, syringes, and hypodermic needles. 

6. Hazardous Rubbish

As its name implies, hazardous rubbish is an extremely dangerous type of waste. The federal government typically regulates it since rubbish that belongs to this category can be toxic, volatile, reactive, corrosive and even explosive.

Thus, hazardous rubbish must be handled and disposed of responsibly. You shouldn’t throw them together with other types of rubbish or dispose of them illegally. 

Examples of hazardous waste are household chemicals and cleaners, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, aerosol sprays, pesticides, solvents and solvent-based paints, mercury, gas and motor oils. 

7. Construction and Demolition Debris

Construction and demolition debris is the result when you do construction, demolition, or renovation projects. Typical of this rubbish category is huge and heavy materials such as tiles, bricks, concrete, wood, plumbing fixtures, asphalt, flooring and roofing materials. 

You can reuse and recycle some construction and demolition rubbish like bricks, cement, and unprocessed wood lumber as a different construction material. On the other hand, you can sell scrap metals to junk shops and scrap-metal dealers.

Types of Rubbish Removal Services

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Rubbish removal companies like Kurt offer a wide range of services. Mainly, we offer thorough rubbish removal of virtually all kinds of rubbish from residential, commercial, and industrial areas. We do it efficiently, safely, and environment-friendly. Check out below the different types of services rubbish removal companies offer.

  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial Rubbish Removal

Rubbish removal companies can cater to all types of areas, big and small. We can take away anything you want us to get rid of in your house, office, warehouse, and factory.

  • Green Waste Removal

Whether you’ve just finished landscaping, gardening, or tree lopping, our garden waste removal service is well-suited to clean up your yard. We will take away all types of green waste like lawn clippings, prunings, dead leaves, twigs, tree limbs, logs, and unwanted trees and plants. We also collect gravel, soil, bricks, turf, weeds, and other garden waste.

  • Construction, Demolition & Renovation Rubbish Removal

We also provide flooring, tiles, roofing, concrete rubble, scrap metal and other C&D waste removals for your construction, demolition and renovation projects.

  • Deceased Estate Rubbish Removal

Rubbish removal companies will be happy to perform deceased estate clearance for you. We will save you the burden of clearing, lifting, loading and transporting the rubbish items in your property.

  • Hoarders Rubbish Removal

If you have a collection of things in your garage or basement, continuously stacking up because of your hoarding habit, this service will be convenient for you. Rubbish removal companies offer hoarder’s rubbish removal service to help you get rid of unwanted piles of rubbish in your house.

  • E-waste Rubbish Removal

Electronics and electrical devices come in various shapes and sizes, and they can be found at home and in your office. E-waste rubbish removal is specially made for these types of items. Refrigerators, white goods, televisions, computers and monitors – you name it, we’ll discard it for you.

  • Old Furniture Rubbish Removal

This type of service is intended to clear big and heavy furniture such as lounge and couch, sofas, tables and chairs, shelves, and billiard and pool tables. We also handle other large and heavy household items such as mattress and carpet rubbish removal.

  • End-of-Lease Rubbish Removal

We provide end-of-lease rubbish removal to guarantee your bond back. We will take away virtually everything you want to get rid of to ensure that your place is cleaner and better than its condition before you moved in.

  • Amenities Rubbish Removal

Rubbish removal companies provide rubbish removal for your home amenities. If you have a gym, pool, spa, or bath tub at home, you can depend on us to clear and get rid of them in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Kerbside Rubbish Removal

This rubbish removal service is perfect when the local council pickup has shortcomings. There are types of rubbish that council pickups don’t collect, so they are left being an eyesore on the streets. 

Fortunately, rubbish removal companies offer kerbside rubbish removal for general rubbish, clothing, old books, toys, appliances, biodegradable wastes, paper, plastic, metal scraps, glasses, and other rubbish on your kerbside.

  • Automotive Parts & Heavy Equipment Removal

We also provide rubbish removal for your automobiles. Some items we take are car discards, car batteries, metal, spare parts, and tyres. We are also trained for even bigger and heavier items such as machinery and equipment. 

We will collect and take away damaged bulldozers, excavators, scrapers, backhoes, dump trucks, graders, forklifts, cranes, tractors, and other heavy equipment in your property.

  • Warehouse Rubbish Removal

No job is too big for professional rubbish removalists. We provide warehouse rubbish removal to clear out large piles of rubbish goods and products that you want us to get rid of. We take items such as spoiled perishable goods, surplus products, unusable boxes and packaging materials, broken warehouse furniture, shelves and pallets, damaged pallet jacks, and many more. 

  • Demolition & Strip Out Services

More than our efficient rubbish removal services, Kurt also offers demolition services. We can demolish your entire house or commercial establishment, or just a part of it. We also offer bathroomkitchen, and retail demolition and strip out services, and we’ll also take away the rubbish afterwards.

How to Choose the Right Rubbish Removal Company

There are many rubbish removal companies in Sydney which claim to be the best. However, there are certain qualities and services that you should look for in a company to make sure that the rubbish removal company is right for you. Here is a list of factors that you should consider when choosing a rubbish removal company

Experience and Expertise

Only choose the rubbish removal company that has been proven and tested over the years. The expertise of the rubbish removal team will reflect on the customers’ testimonials. Thus, you should check out whether the company has good reviews or not. This will help you determine if the junk removal company is indeed reliable. 

Fast and Efficient

No one wants slow service. That’s why you should look for the company that works fast. Always check the reviews to get an idea of how efficient the rubbish removal company is. They should always arrive on time and work as quickly as possible to deliver immediate response. 

Right Manpower and Equipment

Some junk removal tasks may require more manpower and heavy-duty equipment. This is especially applicable when there is an enormous amount of rubbish to pickup or when the company has to collect bulky products like furniture and large appliances. 

Thus, you should choose the company that’s equipped with sufficient workers and facilities. This makes working with difficult items faster and safer.

Cares for the Environment

An excellent rubbish removal company operates sustainably and environment-friendly. They should handle all kinds of rubbish responsibly. Moreover, they should also always recycle as much as possible and send the least amount of rubbish to landfills. The company must employ a waste management and recycling program to achieve this.


Rubbish removal companies offer their services at different prices. The best thing you can do is to get quotes from different companies and check their reviews. Determine which service provider offers the cheapest rates without compromising the quality. 

Why Should You Choose Kurt For Your Rubbish Removal Needs?

Now that you have an idea of the traits that you have to look for in a rubbish removal company, you should realise that Kurt’s Rubbish Removal is the perfect company for you. We are the most reliable rubbish removal company across the Sydney area who will provide you with quality services at the cheapest rates. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Kurt.

The Right Team with the Right Tools

Here at Kurt, we understand that working around rubbish is a dangerous task. There may be toxic and dangerous rubbish pieces that need to be handled carefully and responsibly. Heavy rubbish is also difficult to carry and load. Additionally, sorting, recycling, and waste management, in general, is not a joke. 

That’s why we only employ professional rubbish removalists to deal with our clients’ rubbish removal needs. Our team has the proper training and equipment to perform our jobs fast, efficiently, and safely.

Punctual and Systematic Service

Two major reasons why we are reliable are our timeliness and systematised operations. Kurt always strives to stay on schedule and deliver prompt rubbish removal because we value our customers’ time. More than being on time, we also provide fast and efficient services by working systematically and organised. 

Wide Range of Services

Kurt can deal with virtually all kinds of rubbish. We offer a wide range of rubbish removal services for your homes, offices, and industrial spaces. From general household rubbish to large appliances, furniture, and amenities, we guarantee you that we will take away anything you want us to discard. More than that, we also offer strip out and demolition services around Sydney.

Cheapest Rates in Sydney

We guarantee you that you will get the quality of service that you pay for. We offer the best rubbish removal services in the Sydney area at the lowest price. Moreover, we also provide discounts to returning customers and seniors.

Available 24/7

Kurt is always available for your emergency rubbish removal needs. You can book with us anytime, even after work hours. We offer same-day rubbish removal services to provide your space the clearance it immediately needs. This is perfect for hazardous or bulky rubbish that you shouldn’t let sitting around your place for too long. 


Being experts in the field of rubbish removal, our team can handle rubbish collection to disposal in the most sustainable manner possible. We can identify rubbish correctly so that we can safely handle them and properly segregate them. This makes recycling and disposing of your waste easier. Moreover, we have partner recycling facilities to make sure that all recyclables are recycled.

Convenience like No Other

Booking with us is free and easy, but that’s not the main aspect of the convenience we offer. When you hire us, you won’t even lift a finger in the junk removal process because we’ll take care of everything for you. 

Thus, you can sit back and relax knowing that your unwanted rubbish will soon be gone. You can even leave your house to surf Sydney beaches or hang out with your friends. While you’re away, our team will be busy loading your rubbish into our trucks and then hauling them away.

No doubt, Kurt’s Rubbish Removal is the most reliable company in Sydney. We have been in the junk removal service for over 20 years now, and our clients still come back to us for their junk removal needs. 

For bookings and enquiries, feel free to call us at 0428 255 438. You can also send us an email to get a free quote.


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