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Reusable Items Found at Home that You Shouldn’t Throw Away

Recycling and reusing are proper waste management practices that involve resourcing pieces of junk to minimise waste that goes into landfills. Recycling is the reprocessing of rubbish to transform them into new material that can be sold again. It usually takes place in recycling centres because reprocessing of materials like metals requires heavy-duty facilities. Reusing, on the other hand, is the process of using an item again to lengthen its product life. It is easier and more doable than recycling.

You don’t need huge equipment to reuse old items that you have. You can do so even within the confines of your house. There are plenty of things you can find at home that doesn’t have to go straight to the bin. Here are some reusable household items you shouldn’t throw away.

Glass Jars and Cans

Don’t get rid of your glass containers and cans because you can still use them for storing food. Mason jars can serve as pantry canisters and baking product containers. Aside from that, you can
reuse glass jars and turn them into glass planters and glass terrariums. You can also repurpose cans as pen holders and bathroom containers.

Plastic Bottles

Craft plastic bottles to become beautiful home ornaments. Transformed them into vases, lanterns, or into more serviceable items like a bird feeder.

Newspapers and Magazines

Old newspapers and magazines make excellent gift-wrapping papers. They can also become aesthetic home pieces by making origami out of the colourful pages, or by weaving them into baskets and trays. 

Paper Bags

Don’t just throw away paper bags after taking your gift out. Use them again as a gift bag. Nothing stops you from using them to carry your lunchbox or take out food. You can also use paper bags to organise your clutter at home. 

Old Clothes and Linens

Sew old clothes and linen to become cleaning rags and potholders. If your clothes are still as good as new to cut into pieces, you can opt to upcycle them instead. Add a little lace on the sleeves or tie-dye them for refashioning.

Old Furniture

Old pieces of furniture lying around can take up a lot of space inside your house. Better repair or refurbish them so that you can set them up and use them again. You can also disassemble your broken furniture into pieces to reuse wood to make boards and mini tables.

Grocery Bags and Plastic Bags

Reuse grocery bags over and over again to hold your purchases from the supermarket or department store. You can also clean plastic bags to pack food such as sandwiches. Grocery bags can also function as a trash receptacle or better yet, place them on top of your trash bin for easy disposal for kerbside collection.

Old Toothbrushes

If you have old toothbrushes at home, don’t dispose of them immediately. Clean them so that you can use them to apply your hair colour. Toothbrushes are also effective in cleaning small and hard-to-reach spaces or to polish things that are delicate.


Refill Bottles 

Not only can you help save the environment by reusing refill bottles, but you can also save on money. Instead of buying the same item with the same container, you can instead purchase bulk refills so that you can just pour them into the old one. 



Throwing away reusable items after one use is a wasteful practice. Not only are you throwing away a valuable resource that you can still use again; you’re also wasting energy, natural resources, and landfill space that could be otherwise saved. Some ways on how you can save these resources are by recycling and reusing. 

Reusing can be easily done at home. However, you may not have the time to upcycle old items. We are familiar with stories of families saving reusable items to reuse and recycle later, but they only end up having a pile of old magazines, clothes, and plastic bottles lying around their home. That should not be the case because Kurt is here to take away your junk in the most environment-friendly way.

Don’t worry if you were unable to reuse and recycle because you lack the time. We’re here to do that for you. We will collect virtually anything you want us to remove, sort them, and then transport them to our partner recycling facilities for reprocessing. Kurt genuinely cares for the environment so you can rest knowing that we’ll reuse and recycle every bit of recyclable junk we collect. For all your rubbish removal needs, call us anytime at 0428 255 438 or send us an enquiry via email.


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