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How Proper Waste Disposal Can Save Us from Using Our Limited Resources

Over the past few years, people have become increasingly aware of the responsibility that we owe to our planet. Even though irresponsible disposal of waste isn’t a punishable act, businesses and households should be mindful of how their improper waste disposal affects the environment.

From global warming, pollution, and a decreasing limited supply of natural resources, these are the consequences that are making people aware of the value of resource conservation. With the spread of proper waste disposal in Australia, the high hopes of a significant decline in waste statistics are still alive.

Moreover, the majority of the people are taught to do separation of recyclable trash from general wastes, and that should be put into the correct bin. However, the awareness still continuously results in millions of tons of waste dumped in landfills and only a few portions are fully recovered.

What is the Proper Waste Disposal? 

Proper waste disposal involves committing to waste segregation. Before dumping all your old things and scraps to the bin, proper waste disposal comes in sorting out materials that can be reused and recycled. The leftover waste can then be sorted into organic waste, inorganic waste, non-recyclable material, and even compost that can be packaged and sold.

These practices are aligned with environmental policies that the whole country is working towards. With Kurt’s Rubbish Removal services and other waste management companies adding huge effort, it’s much easier for Australians to commit to proper waste disposal.

Conserving Limited Resources

Why do resource conservation? It is likely that the planet may run out of certain non-renewable resources in a lifetime, especially when the population passes 8, then 9 billion people. That is why it is necessary to make the resources last as possible.

The slogan for the campaign of conserving resources is “Reduce , Reuse, Recycle.” Many people have been reminded about this. But how can this make the limited resources survive?

Reduce: An Act to Minimising Waste

Reduction involves limiting the amount of waste that we produce, and that could also mean decreasing the usage of natural resources. Minimising waste can help save the use of electricity for rubbish handling and the petrol for transporting the waste back and forth the landfill.

Furthermore, you can reduce waste in a daily routine by putting kitchen and garden waste into a compost pile. Purchasing items that are durable and that last a long time can also help reduce. If wastes are unavoidable, at least choose products with very little packaging. That way, you will decrease the amount of waste entering a landfill.

Reuse: Repair and Transform Unwanted Stuff

Reusing involves using the same object for the same purpose again and you can also use it for a different function as well. Reuse can have economic benefits as well as environmental benefits. The idea of reusing enables us to strive towards the targets of conserving resources. In reusing, you can use reusable bags when shopping or reuse the mulch prunings for your garden. With that simple way, you can help reduce the usage of limited resources.

Recycling: Great Solution for Saving Limited Resources

Recycling is an act that every household can do to protect the environment. Typically, that implies taking a used product, breaking it down, and reusing the parts. Although extra energy is required for recycling, it does not make use of products that are lost, worn out, contaminated or can not be reused. That is why the sorting of waste is critical for recycling.

The things that are commonly recycled include:

  • Glasses
  • Metals (Iron, steel, aluminium)
  • Biodegradable waste.
  • Electronics and batteries
  • Plastic
  • Textiles
  • Timber
  • Tires

Benefits of Proper Waste Disposal

The production of waste by human beings is one of the largest sources of environmental destruction. Therefore, managing the production of waste could help regulate the emissions of pollution in the atmosphere to create a sustainable climate for future generations. Here are the benefits if we improve and continue doing proper waste disposal.

Environmental Protection 

Consuming much and producing waste is destroying the natural habitat of different plants and animals living in either water or land. If waste disposal is done in the right way, then the environment will be a better place to live in.

Additionally, we can prevent pollution caused by the need to extract new raw materials for making new products. We can also reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases that lead to global climate change and decrease the volume of waste that may be recycled or sent to landfills and incinerators.

Decreases The Wastage Of Energy

There is a lot of electricity that gets generated as waste is burnt or incinerated. With no substantial gains in the overall process, the energy is merely used in the wrong direction. But if there are ways in using the incineration process to produce electricity to provide thousands of households, then that could be the best way to use the energy resources. 

Proper waste disposal would not only aid in terms of cost savings, but also in terms of electricity. The only downside here is that a lot of poisonous gases are released into the environment by incineration. The gases include dioxins that can harm human beings, plants , and animals.

Being Safe 

There is no question that waste is a threat to the general safety if it is not disposed of or taken care of in the correct way. Sharp items littering everywhere may harm the kids playing in the park and may get seriously injured or receive infections.

Pieces of plastic may easily choke any animals if not properly disposed of. In comparison, other toxic waste will spread diseases and illnesses rapidly. Proper management of waste is not only important for humans, but also for animals and the environment.


A vast decrease in waste is the result of changing behaviours towards waste. With the increasing demands of consumers, many resources are depleting like petrol, energy, water and trees. That is why many organizations are starting to search into alternative energy options, as well as energy efficiency development initiatives and most particularly proper waste disposal that proves to have a higher chance of saving the limited resources.

At Kurt’s Rubbish Removal, proper waste disposal is not a problem. Our team can help you with sorting your rubbish and where to properly dispose it. There is no better feeling than completing a job of junk removal and seeing the happy and satisfied faces of our loyal customer. Your concern with dumping your rubbish will be easy and hassle-free with Kurt’s affordable prices and quality performance on our rubbish disposal service.

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