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How to Best Organise & Clean Your Backyard Shed

A backyard shed is where you typically store tools and materials for outdoor use. This part of your property often becomes a dumping ground for almost everything.

From dried-out paint cans and scrap metals to fragments of wood, anything you don’t know what to do with typically ends up in your backyard shed.

If you’ve been planning to clean and organise your shed after some time, we’ve listed some tips on how you can best do the job.

Declutter Your Shed

The first and the most important thing to do to keep your backyard shed is to get rid of those items you no longer need. Decluttering allows you to recover a valuable space that you can use for another purpose.

Taking everything out from the shed is the easiest way to kickstart the process. After clearing the shed, start sorting into the piles.

Remember that organising a shed is somewhat different. You can’t just ditch an item that hasn’t been used for a year as certain rarely-use things need to come in handy.

When sorting, you can group the same items, such as tools, chemicals, and gardening products. Doing so makes it easier to decide which item needs to go and which you should keep.

However, those things you want to discard don’t necessarily have to end up in rubbish bins. You can donate or recycle them when possible.

If you don’t have enough time to go through all your stuff, a rubbish removal service from a trusted company would be your best option. The job will be quicker, safer, and much more convenient when you have the experts backing you up.

Utilise Shelves, Racks, and Other Platforms 

Ensure the proper organisation of tools and materials in your backyard shed by placing them on shelves, racks, pegboards, or other DIY platforms. 

Don’t just toss them inside after usage. Store your items properly and avoid leaving your tools on the ground. 

You can also install more shelves when needed to store more items. Maximise the space of your shed, no matter how small it is. Hang some hooks, holders, or racks on the walls for your rake, spade, shovel, and other tools. 

On the other hand, make sure to separate your tools from pesticides, fertilisers, and herbicides. You may add some labels to find items easily and keep everything more organised. 

Use a Mobile Cart for Frequently Used Tools and Supplies

A mobile cart can be an efficient storage container for your frequently used items. It allows you to access a tool or supply whenever you need it easily. 

Besides, it levels up your backyard shed organisation as you can keep necessary items in one spot. You won’t have to go over all the things inside your shed and pick the tools you need one by one. It saves you time and makes organising a lot easier.

You can make your own cart or buy one from the market. There are plenty of choices that best fit your preference.  

Keep Hazardous Chemicals in a Lockable Storage

Safety is always a priority. That’s why when organising your backyard shed, you must keep harmful chemicals in an area that’s hard to reach or lockable.

You can store chemicals such as pesticide spray, weed killer, paints, diesel, and lubricants in a storage container or a wall cabinet with a lock. Keep them up and away from the reach of kids to ensure safety.

Hang Some Tools on the Exterior

You can’t only utilise the inside of your backyard shed. The exterior part has a lot of space for you to store tools.

Mount the hanging storage on your shed’s exterior wall. You can use it to store large tools such as rakes and shovels. Ensure that there’s a roof overhang that could give your things even slight protection from various elements for an effective organisation.

Maintain Your Backyard Shed

Organising your backyard shed also means you need to keep it clean with everything stored in the right place. Ensure timely maintenance and fix any damage on your shed promptly.

Don’t let clutter buildup on your shed’s space. Arrange tools, materials, supplies, equipment, and other items properly. Tidy up everything and make your backyard shed a safe area.

A well-maintained and organised shed is surely a relief. Just think about how fulfilling it can be to see everything in your backyard shed in place. It makes you more excited to do some garden work.

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