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Organic Waste: The Deadly Effects of Methane

Organic waste is always around. As a type of waste that results from things that were once alive, it means that organic waste will always be present. It’s a natural waste generated daily. However, the issue isn’t the presence of organic waste, but the massive volume of this type of rubbish. The abundance of organic waste means that methane is abundant (CH4) around. This could be deadly news to everybody.

Global Warming

Along with other gases in the atmosphere, methane is one of the top contributors to the total volume of greenhouse gas. It is always present in the atmosphere and is next to carbon dioxide in containing thermal energy. The greenhouse effect is normal on Earth. It helps keep the Earth warm enough for humans and ecosystems to survive. Greenhouses gases help in keeping the temperature in regulation. This can come from the organic waste we throw out.

The only downside to methane is its increasing volume and potency as a greenhouse gas. With the rise of unmanaged organic waste, there will be more methane in the atmosphere. Methane can trap a lot of heat which results in global warming. NASA Earth Observatory indicates that “Over a 20-year period, one ton of methane has a global warming potential that is 84 to 87 times greater than carbon dioxide. Over a century, that warming potential is 28 to 36 times greater.”

Explosive and flammable

Methane is already present in daily activities inside the household. There’s a reason that methane gas is commercially available to fire up stoves and cooking every day. Many gas burners use natural gas to light up. Methane is one of the most common natural gases available up to date. Methane is explosive and flammable and can result in global fires. There are various instances of trees releasing flammable methane that can be the root of forest fires and emissions that are deadly.

Organic waste that can produce a lot of methane can be a source of hazard to households and establishments. It is present in natural environments like swamps. It is also present in landfills where we throw many of our waste. Now imagine a big area of land filled with all sorts of organic waste. These settings can easily store methane in higher volumes and concentrations, essentially waiting to explode or fire up with the smallest presence of fire and heat.

Climate change

Climate change and global warming go together. Climate change is the long-term change in the Earth’s atmosphere. Many catastrophes, calamities and global conditions are results of climate change. Ecosystems, habitats, and lands are affected by any changes in the climate. The world right now is experiencing a lot of the following:

  • Stronger storms and typhoons
  • More frequent volcanic eruptions
  • Changes in the atmosphere’s activities
  • Rising occurrences of forest fires
  • Rise of sea levels
  • Melting glaciers
  • Heavier rainfall and hail
  • Loss of biodiversity and ecosystems to damage

Global warming traps a lot of the Earth’s heat. Having a hotter planet is a result of more greenhouse gases like methane coming from organic waste. A lot of climate changes happen because of the Earth’s current temperature cycles and extreme weather conditions. Big volumes of methane come from organic waste. It’s scary how organic waste volume changes and greenhouse gases can spell into a sudden increase in temperature anywhere in Australia.


Methane is an organic gas. In normal regulated amounts, it can be useful and productive for human activity. Too much of anything is dangerous, especially when it comes from
littered organic waste. you don’t only have greenhouse gases accumulate more, unmanaged organic waste becomes a threat to your well-being and safety.

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