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Want someone to clean and remove all your rubbish for you? Kurt’s Rubbish Removal is here in Currans Hill to take care of all the tasks!

From once a farmland area, the locality of Currans Hill has become a residential suburb in the 1990s with medium-sized blocks comprising of public and private dwellings.

In 2016, it recorded a population of more than 5,000 and had continually experienced urban developments across its area. You can see some schools, shops, cafes, and restaurants around here which provide for your daily necessities.

Today, Currans Hill doesn’t only exhibits medium-sized housing, but also smaller and larger scale. Most of these houses are family households, and they’re mainly the ones generating residential rubbish throughout the suburb.

As you have experienced, your household gathers up various sorts of rubbish on a daily basis. Some of which may be easy to get rid of, but most of them usually require challenging work.

And it’s really frustrating and troublesome to get things cleaned and done, especially if you’re doing the all the tasks by yourself. You typically have to spend so much time and exhaust yourself in the process.

Also, it might be quite risky for you to carry out rubbish removal without any help as these unwanted items can cause injuries if improperly handled. But thanks to Kurt’s Rubbish Removal in Currans Hill, you can now clean and throw away all forms of junks safely and conveniently.

Our company doesn’t want you to hurt yourself and waste your time trying to haul away your piles of rubbish. We got you covered at all times, so you can sit back and relax while we complete the job for you.

We can help your household and business in Currans Hill to remove all the clutter and maintain a clean and spotless surrounding. Our reliable removalists team will take away all the unnecessary things from your place, ensuring that you’ll get satisfied with the work we do.

Rubbish Removal in Currans Hill

At Kurt’s Rubbish Removal in Currans Hill, you can access a wide selection of junk collection and disposal services. Here are some types of unwanted items that we commonly take:

  • Household Rubbish
  • Old Electronics
  • Renovation and Construction Debris
  • Yard Wastes
  • Commercial Junk

We ensure that all rubbish we take will undergo recycling process and proper disposal, preventing them from causing any serious harm to your health and the environment.

Trusted and Respected Rubbish Removal Company in Currans Hill

For over two decades in the business, our thousands of clients have witnessed how efficient, convenient, and affordable Kurt’s services are.

We give the utmost value and priority to our customers’ comfort and satisfaction, so our team does every service with excellence. You can always trust that Kurt’s Rubbish Removal will do everything we can to get things done quickly and responsibly.

Also, we take pride as a company that has experienced and accomplished each request from our valued clients. Rest assured that you won’t get disappointed with the quality of our rubbish removal services.

We want to establish a strong customer relationship with all of you so that you’ll keep on coming back to us for our assistance. Likewise, we guarantee that you can always rely on our removalists team whenever you want to get rid of your rubbish piles.

Kurt’s is your trusted rubbish removal company in Currans Hill. We’ll deliver services to you 24/7. Feel free to contact us at 0428 255 438 or leave an email to for bookings and a free quote.

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What others are saying ...

Yaz Huseinspahic

Good transparent pricing. They came on the same-day and cleaned out our garage without any fuss. They were extremely quick with loading heavy items on their truck, made the entire process look very easy. Thanks again

Henry Telford

Henry Telford

Kurt and his team arrived on-time and cleaned up our site FAST! We we frankly surprised on how fast 3 men cleared out our unwanted furniture and commercial junk - keeping in mind we almost had 2 room fulls. Very professional and great value for money. Thanks, Henry.

Samya Ghiasy

Kurt and the team is one of the most professional, responsive and outstanding rubbish removal companies in Sydney. Not only did they meet every expectation, they were very friendly, helpful and efficient! I couldn't recommend them more.


Erica Lizzo

Thank you to the team at Kurt's Rubbish Removal. Absolute legends. They were on time, professional and assisted me in removing all old furniture I did not want and the rubbish from my house Spring clean. Genuine care, hassle free and they did exactly what they said they would. They are a company that hold to their promises. They are simply THE BEST ON THE MARKET!!

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