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If you are looking for a safe and convenient rubbish removal service in Abbotsbury, then you’ve come across the right page to know better. 

Living in Abbotsbury means that you reside at approximately 39 kilometres west of the Central Business District. Likewise, your home probably stands at larger blocks and has a bigger size compared to the houses on the outskirts of Sydney.

Since most of you in Abbotsbury take pride in maintaining your homes and your neighbourhood in general, we know that you want to have easy access to specialise amenities like the collection and disposal of all types of rubbish.

Though you typically dispose of your daily rubbish accumulation on curbside bins, it might not be enough to handle all your unwanted items. As time goes by, you may encounter some problems from the piles of junks you haven’t able to get rid of through scheduled council pick-ups.  

That’s why you have Kurt’s Rubbish Removal in Abbotsbury to take all your junk problems away. We want to help you maintain the pleasant and clean atmosphere of your entire property by offering you our convenient rubbish collection and disposal services.

Kurt’s has been serving the suburbs of Sydney for over 20 years now. We have experienced different types of rubbish removal works, making us the most competitive and trusted company you can engage in Abbotsbury.

Why Should You Hire Kurt’s Team for Your Rubbish Removal in Abbotsbury?

We Can Clean-up All Forms of Rubbish

You may gather up various forms of rubbish from your life routines such as buying food items, shopping for new things, lawn maintenance, and household clean-ups. All of these unwanted items piling inside your property require proper management and disposal to keep your whole place safe and secure.

Though you can do simple clean-ups all by yourself, you may need some help when removing unwanted items that are hazardous and bulky in size.

Our professional removalists team is always at your service wherever you are in Abbotsbury. We can remove every piece of mess within your property through the use of our skills and specialised tools. Rest assured that all your unwanted rubbish will have a complete clean-up with Kurt’s help.

We Offer Convenient Rubbish Removal Services

The removal of different forms of rubbish is not an easy job— it requires skills, patience, time, and effort. Besides, you have to carry out several tasks, such as sorting, hauling, and cleaning.

Kurt’s Rubbish Removal wants you to know that your junk clean-up and disposal need not be exhausting and bothersome to you. We have an expert and reliable team that can accomplish all the processes of removing rubbish safely and efficiently.

We don’t only execute our services using safe methods, but we also make sure to offer you rubbish removal assistance that’s highly convenient and beneficial. 

Don’t hesitate to call Kurt’s Rubbish Removal in Abbotsbury at 0428 255 438 or email us at for a safe, reliable, and convenient junk pick-up and disposal service. 

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Western Sydney Rubbish Removal FAQ

We take care of all your rubbish removal needs in Western Sydney!

If you still have questions regarding our junk collection services, we have likely answered them below or call us on 0428 255 438 for instant support!

Our rubbish removal in Western Sydney starts at $99.00 per cubic metre. We always endeavour to keep our prices as low as possible, passing on great savings to you.

If you think you may have junk that exceeds one full truck, please call us and we can provide you with a closer estimate of the cost for your rubbish removal.

We take all types of junk including residential, office, commercial, industrial and can even help you clear out unneeded belongings in a recently deceased estate.


No matter what you need removed, our team can help!

Certainly! We offer same-day rubbish pick up and disposal to all suburbs in Western Sydney. Please call us before 10:00 on any business day, we then provide you with a confirmation and arrive on the same day.

Our local rubbish removal team are just one call away!

Yes, that’s no problem at all! 

Simply provide our team with sufficient directions to access your junk. Make sure no doors are locked and that your address is clear during your booking with us. Once we confirm all your details, safely and efficiently removing your unwanted rubbish is as simple as 1,2,3!

We accept Cash, Cheque, Visa, Mastercard & American Express.

What others are saying ...

Yaz Huseinspahic

Good transparent pricing. They came on the same-day and cleaned out our garage without any fuss. They were extremely quick with loading heavy items on their truck, made the entire process look very easy. Thanks again

Henry Telford

Henry Telford

Kurt and his team arrived on-time and cleaned up our site FAST! We we frankly surprised on how fast 3 men cleared out our unwanted furniture and commercial junk - keeping in mind we almost had 2 room fulls. Very professional and great value for money. Thanks, Henry.

Samya Ghiasy

Kurt and the team is one of the most professional, responsive and outstanding rubbish removal companies in Sydney. Not only did they meet every expectation, they were very friendly, helpful and efficient! I couldn't recommend them more.


Erica Lizzo

Thank you to the team at Kurt's Rubbish Removal. Absolute legends. They were on time, professional and assisted me in removing all old furniture I did not want and the rubbish from my house Spring clean. Genuine care, hassle free and they did exactly what they said they would. They are a company that hold to their promises. They are simply THE BEST ON THE MARKET!!

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