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Kurt’s Rubbish Removal is your best team in efficiently hauling, dumping and recycling any types of rubbish in Smithfield. Worry less as we remove fastly and affordably all your rubbish issues!

Located 25 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD, the suburb of Smithfield has the largest land area across Fairfield City. Geologically, Smithfield sits on the Cumberland Plain that features a mix of residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

The commercial centre of Smithfield is on The Horsley Drive. It has a shopping centre that highlights supermarket, gymnasium, specialty shops, pub and multicultural restaurants. The different amenities you can find in its centre can give you a convenient and comfortable life while residing in the suburb. 

But the significant area that covers Smithfield is its vast industrial spaces with numerous factories and warehouses. With its industrial estate known as the largest in the southern hemisphere, the suburb becomes the primary centre for manufacturing and distribution in greater western Sydney. As a result, rubbish from these establishments has impacted the wholesome of the suburb.

As Smithfield continues to become an industrialised centre, rubbish becomes an inevitable concern along with the commercial and residential spaces scattered across the suburb. That’s why Kurt’s Rubbish Removal engages actively in collecting and disposing of all types of rubbish in Smithfield. Our expert removalists have the devised safer and efficient methods in handling from small to more cumbersome and bulkier items you’ve got.

Kurt’ team is in the business of removing rubbish in Smithfield for over two decades already. Our highly trained removalists make sure that all your waste undergoes thorough sorting, proper handling and disposal, and recycling. 

Why Should You Hire Kurt’s Team in Smithfield? 

We Collect All Forms of Rubbish For You

Aside from helping warehouses and other commercial spaces, Kurt’s team can also collect all your residential wastes. Our highly competent and reliable team can remove all forms of rubbish you can find in Smithfield. Whether you have construction debris or heaps of scrap metals, Kurt’s can take it all swiftly and speedily.

Our team can haul the heaps of rubbish you’ve got, whether it’s from your residential, commercial and industrial spaces. With our up-to-date tools and equipment, there are no problematic or massive tasks for us!

Kurt’s Recycle Your Rubbish Wherever and Whenever Possible

With our decades-old company, we have already created a strong partnership with the vast network of treatment facilities to adequately dispose of and recycle your rubbish. Aside from that, Kurt’s team also take your unwanted junks to drop-off centres that facilitates reusing of unwanted scraps for newer purposes.

Kurt’s eco-friendly efforts make sure to reduce the amount of rubbish going to overladen landfills. Our experienced team will never get tired of sustaining the environment of Smithfield for a cleaner and brighter future. We commit to recycling most of your rubbish at all times wherever you are in Smithfield.

Fast and Affordable Rubbish Removal in Smithfield

Removing either small or large items from your property could be a bothersome task to you, but good thing Kurt’s is 24/7 at your back. Those days are over when you need to pay hefty prices in getting rid of your unwanted junk.  Kurt’s fast waste collections and pick-ups in Smithfield have come along with cheapest rates.

A single call for our services can quickly remove all your rubbish problem away. Connect with our accommodating staff at 0428 255 438 to experience our fast and affordable offers. You can also get your free and no-obligation quotes by sending us an email at [email protected] to get you started today!

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Price Guide

Thinking about hiring us for your upcoming rubbish removal job? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Rubbish removal costs is typically calculated in a very simple way. We look at the type of rubbish you collected and calculate the size of the load. For more complex removals such as hard construction waste, we may also factor in labour costs. 

Simply call us and inform us of the amount of load you need removed and we will do the rest.

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After every rubbish removal is complete, we clean up ensuring your site is completely spotless

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Fast & quick rubbish removal
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