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The small suburb of Daceyville situates at seven kilometres south of Central Business District, bounded by Eastlakes, Kingsford and Pagewood. It is mostly residential with a mixture of old and modern dwellings.

Daceyville brought the first-ever public housing scheme in Australia back in 1912. At present, majority of the houses in the suburb are still under the authority of the Housing Commission of New South Wales. 

Likewise, the commission has developed a plan to retain the character of Daceyville, while at the same time escalating the number of dwellings in the area.

Since the developments in the suburb follow a strict control plan, its residents are bound to comply with the by-laws set for the conservation and protection of the whole vicinity. Besides, they need to establish practices that will help them preserve the environment and pleasant atmosphere of Daceyville.

Kurt’s Rubbish Removal renders services to the people residing within Daceyville for the upkeep and protection of the area. Our team values the importance of preserving the environment so we can live in a safe and secure place. Hence, we offer rubbish removal services to every household and establishment in Daceyville.

We have a professional team that is capable of hauling, removing, and managing all your troublesome rubbish. Kurt’s assures you that your junks will end up in the appropriate sites, so they don’t cause pollution and harm your health and surroundings.

Rubbish Removal Services We Render in Daceyville

Our dedicated team accomplishes all rubbish collection and disposal job in Daceyville using the best practices and proper equipment. We can clean-up and throw away varied forms of junks, such as:

  • Residential Junks
  • Damage Electronics
  • Green Waste from lawns and gardens
  • Renovation and Demolition Scraps
  • Clutters

You don’t need to feel bothered with the unwanted rubbish piling up around your property anymore. With our reliable team’s help and efforts, your junk piles will disappear promptly.

Exceptional Value for Rubbish Removal Services

For 20 years, Kurt’s Rubbish Removal has rendered services to the people of Daceyville. Our experienced team has done almost everything that concerns rubbish collection and disposal. 

Though each removal job varies, we make sure to deliver every service with exceptional value. Kurt’s expert team commits to accomplishing any rubbish removal job with our best efforts to satisfy the needs of all our customers in Daceyville.

If you want to throw away enormous piles of junks, but you don’t have enough time to do it all by yourself, you can always get in touch with Kurt’s rubbish removal team for assistance.

Feel free to talk with our friendly staffs at 0428 255 438 or email us at info@kurtsrubbish.com.au for an exceptional value of rubbish removal service in Daceyville.

Eastern Suburbs Sydney Rubbish Removal FAQ

We take care of all your rubbish removal needs in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs!

If you still have questions regarding our junk collection services, we have likely answered them below or call us on 0428 255 438 for instant support!

Our rubbish removal pricing starts at $99.00 per cubic meter (m3). We provide the cheapest rubbish pick up services in the entire Eastern Suburbs, passing on great savings to you!

We take almost every type of junk you can think of, including residential junk, office junk, industrial junk and construction waste.

We take specific items in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs that can range from unwanted furniture, tables and chairs, lounges, refrigerators, washing machines, backyard junk, garden waste, renovation waste, and old mattresses and bedding.

If you own something that you wish to dispose that isn’t on our list, please give us a call. Our friendly staff will be able to provide you with an answer on the spot!

Yes! We offer same-day rubbish removal services to all suburbs within Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Simply give us a call before 10:00am on Monday-Friday and let us know what you need removed. Our staff will then advise you of the most suitable collection time. 

Yes! No matter where you are located in the Eastern Suburbs, we can arrange to pick up your rubbish even without you having to be there!

During your booking, simply provide us with sufficient details on where the rubbish will be located and grant our team with full access to enter the site. It’s that easy!

We accept Cash, Cheque, Visa, Mastercard & American Express.

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Yaz Huseinspahic

Good transparent pricing. They came on the same-day and cleaned out our garage without any fuss. They were extremely quick with loading heavy items on their truck, made the entire process look very easy. Thanks again

Henry Telford

Henry Telford

Kurt and his team arrived on-time and cleaned up our site FAST! We we frankly surprised on how fast 3 men cleared out our unwanted furniture and commercial junk - keeping in mind we almost had 2 room fulls. Very professional and great value for money. Thanks, Henry.

Samya Ghiasy

Kurt and the team is one of the most professional, responsive and outstanding rubbish removal companies in Sydney. Not only did they meet every expectation, they were very friendly, helpful and efficient! I couldn't recommend them more.


Erica Lizzo

Thank you to the team at Kurt's Rubbish Removal. Absolute legends. They were on time, professional and assisted me in removing all old furniture I did not want and the rubbish from my house Spring clean. Genuine care, hassle free and they did exactly what they said they would. They are a company that hold to their promises. They are simply THE BEST ON THE MARKET!!

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