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Mount Victoria is a small town in the westernmost area of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. It is located on an escarpment plateau extension of Mount York. It was previously called One Tree Hill in the 1800s. The town’s name was officially changed right after the opening of the Main Western railway line opened and a few after the first post office was built in 1876.

Right thereafter, it became a prosperous town as many private schools were built. It also became an unofficial retreat station for wealthy Sydney families during that era. 

The suburb of Mount Victoria has many historical sites including Blue Mountains National Park, Main Western railway, Mount York road, Imperial Hotel, Toll House, and Gatekeeper’s Cottage among others.

Such historical sites are among the many attractions one can enjoy in Mount Victoria. The town is often used as starting point for trekking and bushwalk activities. Along the trails are various lookouts over the Kanimbla Valley.

The importance of having a rubbish removal partner in Mount Riverview cannot be overemphasised. This is why Kurt’s Rubbish Removal is offering high-quality junk and waste removal services in this beautiful Blue Mountain suburb.

Excellent Rubbish Removal Services in Mount Victoria

Kurt’s Rubbish Removal has over 10 years of experience serving the suburbs of the Blue Mountains. The company’s rubbish removalists are now ready to serve the suburb of Mount Victoria and the surrounding vicinity. 

We’ll take all kinds of rubbish from you and dispose of them responsibly and efficiently. That’s a promise!

Our team of expert rubbish removalists has the training, experience, and equipment to handle your junk, waste, and basically all of your unwanted items. Show us where your rubbish is and we’ll do the job.

Here are some of the rubbish removal services we provide in Mount Victoria:

  • Residential rubbish removal
  • Garage rubbish removal
  • Old and large items rubbish removal
  • Deceased estate clearance
  • Green waste rubbish removal
  • Construction and renovation debris removal

Contact our friendly customer representatives for more information about our services and receive a free quote. 

Why Choose Kurt’s Rubbish Removal in Mount Victoria

Kurt’s Rubbish Removal has the reputation of among the most reliable, affordable, and most recommended rubbish removal company. 

Here are just some of the things Kurt’s Rubbish Removal do better than others:

  • We are a team of experienced rubbish removalists with the experience, expertise, and equipment to do rubbish removal jobs in the suburb of Mount Victoria.
  • Our reputable systems of rubbish handling are ready for whatever type of rubbish you have. Rest assured that we perform our jobs fast, safe, and as effective as possible.
  • We have the most competitive prices for high-quality rubbish removal jobs in the industry. You’ll receive the best results at the most affordable prices.
  • We are active participants of the Green Initiative program. We advocate for environmental protection as well as making sure the health and safety of people and local wildlife in the area are kept from harm while we do our jobs.

Contact Kurt’s Rubbish Removal for Same-Day Removal Services

We are always ready to serve the suburb of Mount Victoria 24/7. Our team of rubbish removalists always come at the agreed time and will make sure the job will be finished on the very same day. That’s a guarantee.

Contact Kurt’s Rubbish Removal now at 0428 255 438, or you can email us at info@kurtsrubbish.com.au for bookings and free quotes.

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Yaz Huseinspahic

Good transparent pricing. They came on the same-day and cleaned out our garage without any fuss. They were extremely quick with loading heavy items on their truck, made the entire process look very easy. Thanks again

Henry Telford

Henry Telford

Kurt and his team arrived on-time and cleaned up our site FAST! We we frankly surprised on how fast 3 men cleared out our unwanted furniture and commercial junk - keeping in mind we almost had 2 room fulls. Very professional and great value for money. Thanks, Henry.

Samya Ghiasy

Kurt and the team is one of the most professional, responsive and outstanding rubbish removal companies in Sydney. Not only did they meet every expectation, they were very friendly, helpful and efficient! I couldn't recommend them more.


Erica Lizzo

Thank you to the team at Kurt's Rubbish Removal. Absolute legends. They were on time, professional and assisted me in removing all old furniture I did not want and the rubbish from my house Spring clean. Genuine care, hassle free and they did exactly what they said they would. They are a company that hold to their promises. They are simply THE BEST ON THE MARKET!!

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