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How to Manage Junk in Your Garage

You probably pile so much trash constantly and the next thing you worry about is how to contain them in a way that they don’t create a mess out of your kitchen, pantry, or some room that should house something else. Lo and behold, you start thinking about putting your trash in the garage, an already dedicated space in containing what your homes don’t want to handle. After a while, your garage starts piling up all kinds of random rubbish and it starts being trash too.

As a supposed extension comfort space, your garages somehow turned to something of a big garbage container itself. This can cause problems and issues later on that can affect your households. Managing your trash even in the garage can help make waste management in your homes better. 

Interior of the empty garage in the residential house

As such, these are ways for you to manage your junk in the garage:

Segregate garbage properly

One way to really manage your garbage, especially the ones you will store in the garage is by sorting them out into proper classifications. Even if knowledge on waste segregation is quite the information overload that will confuse you, knowing the basics of segregation is key. Have separate containers or bins for different kinds of trash. Strictly using the segregation bins can help in reducing the volume of your trash per type.

For example, having bins in different colours can help in determining the kind of waste your families put out and focusing on how to deal with those waste that needs urgent attending. Proper garbage segregation can also teach your families helpful habits. These practices then, don’t only aid in the garbage, but in your home management as well.

Pack or store the trash tightly

Don’t just dump your junk in the garage and leave it there. Trash containment is key to keeping your garage safe. Rodents or insects might end up rummaging through your garbage if you don’t pack them lightly. Close your bins well every single time you open it. Tightly knot your black plastic garbage containers such that they don’t end up gradually opening up loose. Organise the way you pile your garbage containers to maximise the space in your garage better.

Donate or sell things that you can still use

Most of the things you put out can actually be beneficial. Turning a notch up the efforts you have in garbage management can lessen your loads at home. For many things that can still have further use, give them to others that might have more use of it. Even if you’re not gonna use it anymore but others might actually need just the right thing that you have thrown away. There are plenty of institutions or organisations locally that can receive your donations.

You can also opt to sell those things. For example, you have an old cupboard that you want to replace already and as such, you have it stored in the garage first, which definitely takes up space. Why not post that old cupboard and sell it for a bargain price? This can add a few bucks for you at the same, get rid of the thing you don’t want anymore.

Check your garage from time to time

Checking your garbage constantly is really essential in keeping your rubbish in order. You will know when to book your garbage pickups or you can double-check again the trash that you can still recycle. Also, you need to look out for possible pests, rodents, cats or animals that have made your trash in the garage, their homes. Make your garage as safe and as protected too, even if it’s only to house your comfort zones mess and unwanted things around.


Kurt’s Rubbish Removal offers home rubbish removal services for your house junk. You don’t need to keep on filling your garages to the brink with your trash. We are here to handle them so you can make use of that space extension and maximise the comfort of your homes. Your garage is yours and your rubbish is ours. 

Do you want to clear out your garage from overflowing garbage? Call us now at 0428 255 438 or send us a question here: info@kurtsrubbish.com.au


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