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How to Introduce Proper Waste Management to Your Kids

Like typical kids at a really young age, most children seem to either just throw waste everywhere. They may also develop the habit of not attending to their waste at home. You can start mitigating and lessening waste issues at home if you introduce to them at a young age what rubbish disposal is about. It doesn’t need to be hard and there are some simple hacks into getting your kids to understand waste management better at home.

As you kids grow up, these practices can pretty much turn into good management habits. It can carry out to their personal lives and help them in the concept of responsibility. These are some ways you can get them to know about proper rubbish disposal methods and waste management habits:

Introduce segregation bins

One of the ways to introduce waste disposal and waste management is by setting up segregation bins at home.  Make sure to have separate containers for every type of trash. You can recyclable, biodegradable, non-biodegradable bins as your starting containers for general domestic waste. When your kids see these bins at home, it conditions them to throw their trash in a container and you don’t have to worry so much about finding wrappers around.

Arrange a compost pit

Set up a compost pit at home. Teach your children to clean up their food waste or any organic waste and orient them to put these kinds of trash in the compost pit. Compost pits are useful if you have garden landscapes especially if you do gardening too. These compost pits can serve as the separate bin from the usual bins you have set up for other types of trash. When your kids dispose of these kinds of trash in the compost pit, they’ll know it’s a different kind.

Have reusable bags available 

Have you ever thought about the amount of plastic and paper bags you bring home every time you go out? For this, have available reusable bags in your home. It may be as simple as eco-bags around. Then, tell your kids to always use these bags when they need to go out and need to have a container. Not only do these Eco-friendly bags serve their purpose of containing things, but they also look so much better too. 

Use recyclable containers and materials

There are plenty of wastes that can be repurposed to something else. Hard grade plastics and soft plastic bottles can be used for something else to contain. They can serve as containers for liquids and liquid discharge. Plastic wrappers can be made into Eco-friendly bags for you and your family at home. All you need to do is have some sewing machine and maybe make it your hobby to make them. Recyclable materials can often be repurposed to something else.

Setup containers for recyclable things

If you can’t have the time to make recyclable things into something else, set up containers to contain them. For examples, for all paper waste, have a bigger box and then assign it as your family’s general paper tray. If your kids need paper, tell them to get from that tray. You can also have another one for hard-grade cutlery and utensils. If your plastic spoon and forks are made with hard-grade material, clean them, and all you need to do is set them aside for future use.


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