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How are Rubbish Removal Services Charged? Which is the Best Option for You?

If there happen to be filthy and stinky piles of rubbish in your property, you might need a rubbish removal service to get rid of them right away. Note that local council pick-ups have limitations on their collection services. Specifically, they don’t collect items that are 1.5m long and 100kg heavy. Also, they are not allowed to pick up hazardous chemicals and debris from construction and demolition. 

On the other hand, skip bin hire is also an alternative method for waste disposal. It can provide you with a container, but you have to load it yourself with unwanted junks. When full, the staff would transport it to recycling centres or drop-off points for landfills. 

Lastly, the most preferred and the best option in dealing with bulk and piles of rubbish is through a rubbish removal company. A well-established and reputable company like Kurt’s Rubbish Removal has no limitations in their rubbish removal services. All you have to do is identify the things you need to throw away, and they will take care of the rest.

Now, the essential question is, how are rubbish removal services charged? Here is a simple guide for you.

Rubbish Removal Charges

If you are wondering about the rates of local council pick-ups, remember that they are free. However, they have a
schedule that they need to follow. It can take several days for them to collect your rubbish, which can cause pest and rodents infestations. 

On the other hand, a skip bin hire charges by the volume of the container. On average, it can cost $55 to $90 per cubic metre, depending on the state you are in. Furthermore, they also add several factors such as type of waste collected, the distance between the client’s place and dumpsite, and rental period. 

Lastly, a rubbish removal company, which is the most convenient option for disposal, has the following deciding factors that can affect their prices:

Type of Waste

Typical rubbish items such as food packages, dirt, plastics, and paper don’t usually cost much. However, expect a bit pricier tag on bulk items such as furniture, white goods,
construction debris, and green waste. They require heavy lifting and tools for safe and proper disposal.

Furthermore, hazardous and liquid waste will also cost a bit higher since the removalists need to take extra precautions and a licence to remove and transport them safely.   

Volume of Rubbish

After segregating your wastes into their type, most rubbish removal companies charge according to the rubbish volume. Here are some of the estimated rates relative to waste type per cubic metre:

  • Household furniture and appliances – $90 to $110
  • Clean cardboard – $60 to $80
  • Green waste – $80 to $100
  • Scrap metal – $80 to $100
  • Light materials (up to 150kg) – $100 to $150
  • Medium materials (up to 300kg) – $150 to $200
  • Heavy materials (up to 600kg) – $200 to $250
  • Concrete, bricks, sand, asphalt – $220 to $240
  • Polystyrene – $400 to $420
  • Mattresses – $100 per item
  • Batteries – $5 per item

Customer’s Location

The charge for a rubbish removal service also depends on your location’s distance to the dumpsite. It is an essential factor to consider since travelling by trucks require fuel and toll expenses. The farther you are, the more costly it would be. 

Labour Cost

Aside from the type, volume, and location, another vital factor for charging a rubbish removal service is the cost of labour. Removalists have studied and trained the procedure of waste segregation, disposal, and management to solve their customers’ rubbish problems. So, it is the right thing to pay them according to how complicated the job is. 


With piles of waste accumulated over time, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible to avoid pests and rodents. But, with the limitations of local council pick-ups and the tiresome labour of skip bin hire, the best option is to
book a rubbish removal company

Through this article, we have shown you how rubbish removal services are charged. It would be a helpful guide when you decide to hire professional removalists to take care of your wastes the right way. 

Here at Kurt’s Rubbish Removal, we guarantee first-rate and efficient rubbish removal services. Don’t worry about the rates since we give the most affordable prices here in Sydney without compromising the quality of our outputs. We always make sure of a 100% satisfaction rating, so we offer discounts to our regular clients. 

For more than 20 years now, our expert removalists have serviced thousands of clients without limitations. No matter where you are, or what type of waste do you have, we have the right and best solution for you. Within an hour after your call, we’ll be at your doorsteps with the right tools and trucks to dispose of your junks while following the NSW EPA Regulation.

So, experience the best and the most affordable rubbish removal services with us! Call us at 0428 255 438 or send us a message via email


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