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How Do Removal Companies Dispose Of Large Amounts Of Rubbish?

Not all wastes are destined to your bins, some items are even banned by your local council. A rubbish removal company is like a one-stop-shop for rubbish items from household to commercial waste. We handle waste items in all different shapes and sizes. Therefore, rubbish removalists should follow certain guidelines and methods in order to achieve successful waste removal efforts. 

There are several types of rubbish materials which bear different challenges. Hence, prompting removal companies to create a system or method for disposing of unwanted junk and debris responsibly. The following items are examples of too large items for your regular household bins. These include and not limited to:

  • Tree branches
  • Worn out refrigerators, washing machines
  • Galvanized sheets
  • Car parts and bodies

Just imagine taking it out from your household down to your kerbside is already a struggle. In addition, some large rubbish items are considered health hazards and need to be taken to the local community rubbish immediately. Unfortunately, the local council follows a certain time and schedule. This means you have to wait until pickup time. Also, councils have the right to reject waste items for varied reasons. 

Consider all other options and prioritize instead of just tossing your waste items for the sake of tidying up your place. Let’s take a look at your disposal options and other alternatives besides your local council on how to get rid of your large items.

Recycle, reuse and donate

Recycling or reusing is definitely the cheapest, most common and environmentally friendly option in getting rid of large items. You can also donate it to your local charitable organizations, list it online, call your friends or family who might need the items.  Through recycling, you are keeping waste stacking up in our landfill.

Dumpster Rental

Dumpsters are ideal for home renovations, demolition, construction and bulk recycling. Dumpsters come in various sizes from 3 cubics to full-size 40 cubic yards. Depending on your needs, this might be the perfect alternative you are looking for bulk disposal.

Hire removal service 

Removal service handles all sorts of rubbish removal from e-waste to large amounts of waste items. Kurt’s Rubbish Removal offers the most reliable, affordable and hassle-free removal services. There’s no need to do the removal yourself and you don’t have to worry how large your items are, we can handle it for you.

If you opt to do the disposal yourself or book it to your local council there are certain guidelines and things to consider. Although council cleanup is efficient in handling your rubbish items, it can be exhausting at times. Some waste items, particularly hazardous materials will require you permit and other significant paperwork to fill up. 

In addition, items that are larger than the required size is not eligible for pick up. To secure that your large items will be discarded upon pickup, check your local council for more information.


Disposing of large items is a struggle in itself already. Although our local council offers practical and efficient job removal, there are certain items that require us so much work. In addition, the services they offer are limited to only kerbside pickup and the rest is all up to you. To save your self from all the stress and heavy lifting, choose only for the best and reliable removal company services.

To avoid piling up large quantities of waste materials in our landfill, seek another alternative by recycling, reusing or donation. It’s environmentally friendly and cheap.

Here at Kurt’s Rubbish Removal, size doesn’t matter to us. From disposing of your rubbish, loading, to recycling we will do it for you. Tidying up your place is not a problem. Call us today at 0428 255 438.


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