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How Often Should You Replace Your Carpet

Every household across Sydney uses carpets as part of home decorations. Whether it is on your hallway, bedroom or living room, having carpets give you a sense of comfort. However, your carpets lose quality over time, and you’ll eventually need to replace your carpet as it reaches the peak of its wear and tear.

Your residential carpets do not have a definite expiration date. You may choose to use them inside your house for as long as you like. However, circumstances can happen, which may lead to their gradual need for replacement.

Besides, many reasons affect the frequency of changing your carpets at home. Most people choose to have it replaced when evident problems occur on their carpets. Hence, we will look into these signs to give you further ideas.

Signs that Your Carpet Needs Replacement

Many people often run through significant reasons to get rid of their beloved carpets. Furthermore, deciding whether to replace your household carpet or not may leave you thinking for some time. 

Thus, for a much clearer insight, here are some indications for you to take note in determining how often you should replace your carpet.


It is impossible to avoid staining your carpets at home since they rest on the floor. That’s why cleaning them regularly will help you get rid of small stains. However, there will come a time that scrubbing and vacuuming your carpet cannot alleviate the stains anymore.

Likewise, you may find more evident stains on your carpet unpleasant. Hence, you might consider buying a new one.

Moulds Build-up

Your carpet can acquire damage from dampness and other watery stains. Besides, leaving your carpet wet and unclean promotes the growth of fungi and gradually develop moulds.

Moreover, other matters, such as dust, dirt, allergens and biological particles trapped under your carpet can also cause moulds build-up. Therefore, keeping an eye on spots of moulds is essential if you are not planning to replace your carpet yet.

Unpleasant Odour

Strong odours of your carpet are typically from moulds or pet urine. Deep cleaning can help you eliminate its unpleasant smell. However, if the scent remains even after all the scrubbing and washing, then maybe it’s time to switch out your household carpet.


Most of the materials used to make carpets like polyester and olefin fibres are likely to mat, especially when frequently walked on. Even carpets that are designed to be durable and long-lasting wear out over time.

Therefore, if you noticed that some of your carpet’s area look matted and thin, you should think about replacing it sooner.

Change in Aesthetics

After a long period of use, your residential carpet may not have the same quality as when newly bought. The design and colour of the carpet you once adored may fade away and become less attractive.

Moreover, if your carpet no longer fits your sense and style, or you find it embarrassing around your visitors, buying a new one will be a good idea.

Years of Usage

Another significant indication that you should take into account is the age of your carpet. In an average, residential carpet can acquire considerable damage in a span of five to fifteen years, depending on its type, quality and exposure to tread.

Furthermore, when deciding to replace your old carpet, you should also consider other reasons which affect its condition. Hence, you may or may not choose to replace your old carpet based on your assessment.


Your carpets do not have a pre-defined expiration date and its lifespan solely depends on how you take care of it. So watch out for the said indicators such as staining, moulds and matting. 

Knowing these significant signs will help you determine how frequent you should switch out your carpets at home. There is no specific number of how often you must do it. However, remembering all the indications will surely give you a better idea.

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