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Full House Clean Out and Light Demolition Service Defined

Are you considering renovating your property that requires light demolition? Or do you need to declutter unwanted items from all the corners of your house? Whatever it is, both of them would generate piles of rubbish that you might not control. 

Moreover, with the limitations of local council pick-ups, particularly bulk items and demolition debris, you need to hire a rubbish removal company to take care of your waste needs. 

Skip Bin Hire vs Rubbish Removal Company

Before jumping into the definition of full house cleanout and demolition services, you need to know first your choices in dealing with bulk wastes and demolition debris. As mentioned earlier,
most local councils do not collect massive items, specifically those that are 1.5m long and 100kg heavy. Thus, you only have two options, which are a skip bin hire or a rubbish removal company.  

Skip bin hire

Skip bin hire service allows you to borrow a container that depends on the volume of your wastes. However, you need to sort and put the piles of rubbish into the provided vessel. When it is full, the collectors will transport them to recycling centres or landfills. 

It can be a hassle for some people, especially for those who need to get rid of demolition debris. It would require heavy lifting and extensive labour to fill the container.      

Rubbish removal company

Another option in disposing of your full house cleanout waste and demolition debris is a rubbish removal company. With this method, all you have to do is to find the things you need to throw away, and its team can take care of them. It is the best solution in getting rid of bulk and massive wastes that can be accumulated from a residential general cleanup and renovation. 

For a more in-depth comparison between skip bin hire and rubbish removal company, you can check this article

Full House Clean Out Service Defined

There are times when you need to declutter your home from unwanted items. They would take up too much space, and that might make you feel uncomfortable. It is the best time to let a rubbish removal company conduct a full house cleanout service. 

Basically, with this service, the removalists can take all the unwanted junks you need to discard. No matter what the type or size of your rubbish is, they can sort and transport them the right way. Here are some of the wastes that they can collect for residential properties:

  • Food waste
  • White goods
  • Appliances
  • E-waste
  • Furniture
  • Clothes, toys, and bedsheets
  • Mattress, curtain, carpet, and piano
  • Household chemicals
  • Metal scraps

At Kurt’s Rubbish Removal, we just don’t take these items away and dump on landfills. We make sure to coordinate with several recycling centres to answer to authorities’ call on Waste Less, Recycle More Initiative. Together, we can help save the environment.  

Light Demolition Service Defined

Do you need to renovate your space as you want an upgraded lifestyle? It would require a light demolition that will undoubtedly generate massive piles of debris. With a light demolition waste removal from a rubbish removal company, you can ensure that your space would be free from rubbles, pointed materials, and hazardous chemicals. 

Again, local council pick-ups don’t collect demolition debris. Also, leaving them on kerbsides is illegal dumping that may result in fines. So, the best solution is to book an appointment with a local rubbish removal company. Here are some of the demolition items that they can take:

  • Rubbles of concrete, bricks, and stone
  • Unwanted soil
  • Metal and wood scraps
  • Asbestos materials
  • Glasses and ceramics
  • Electrical devices and cables
  • Asphalt shingles


Whether you are conducting a full house cleanout or light demolition, both of these methods can accumulate piles of rubbish that is difficult to handle. Local council pick-ups cannot collect them, and a skip bin hire would require you to fill the container. 

The most convenient and hassle-free solution to your waste generation is through Kurt’s full house cleanout and house demolition services. We have expert and trained removalists who are knowledgeable about proper waste disposal and management, following the NSW EPA Regulation.  

Equipped with the right tools and trucks, we can answer your rubbish removal needs immediately! Affordable, yet top-quality services — that’s Kurt’s principle.

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