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The Truth About the Efficiency of a Garbage Disposal Unit

Food waste is currently one of the challenges that Australia is facing. Mostly, people have no idea that food waste costs the economy about $20 billion per year, which could supposedly feed millions of street children. Not just that, it has a great impact on the environment. 

About 5% of emitted greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere are food waste accountability. It’s one of the reasons why the temperature in Australia increases above the sun’s average heat. Moreover, the underlying food waste concerns have encouraged the use of garbage disposal units to resolve increasing food waste figures and help the environment recover.

Garbage Disposal Unit

In Australian households, garbage disposal units or food waste disposers are popular. This is a new, convenient kitchen device that allows food waste to be disposed of by grinding it into tiny pieces and flushed into the sewer. This is usually placed in the drain line under a kitchen sink, and this is electrically operated.

For those who have their own septic tank, a garbage disposal unit is an excellent option. The manufacturers claim that it prevents discarded food from ending in landfills. These units are comfortable, hygienic and also environmentally friendly, which indicates more advantages out of using a garbage disposal unit. 

What CAN and CAN’T be Put in the Garbage Disposal Unit?

Putting only small items down the drain is the key to having a long-lasting garbage disposal unit. No garbage disposal could deal with large bits of food since even those smaller scraps are not good for disposal. There is a much longer list on what you can’t put in garbage disposal than what you can, so if ever you don’t know, here’s your guide.

Here’s what you CAN put in your garbage disposal:

  • Very small food particles, like bread crumbs
  • Small pieces of eggshell
  • Small chicken and fish bones
  • Small amounts of coffee grounds
  • Selected vegetable scraps

Here’s what you CAN’T put in your garbage disposal:

  • Anything whole
  • Large bones
  • Grease 
  • Fruit and vegetable skins
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Seafood 
  • Coffee beans
  • Metal (bottle caps or teaspoons

Garbage Disposal Unit’s Pros 

An alternative to taking food waste to the landfill is to install a garbage disposal unit under the kitchen sink. You throw your leftovers, open the tap and switch a flip, then the machine shreds the substance into tiny bits that move into the plumbing pipe. The mechanism is just simple and easy. Additionally, to have a better understanding, the following are the benefits that homeowners get when using a garbage disposal unit.

  • Saves Time – Disposal of kitchen waste is a faster process by breaking up food items. This way, you don’t have to sort the garbage and take it out. 
  • Cleans Dishes Easily – Garbage disposal unit cuts down the cleaning time of doing dishes since the garbage will be directly thrown in the unit.
  • Reduced Kitchen Odor – Once disposed of, food waste will not be left in a garbage can rot. Kitchen odours are, therefore, eliminated.
  • Good Drainage Pipes – Food scraps are ground up, so there’s less pressure on drainage pipes, no clogged and bursting of pipes.
  • Cost Savings – The disposal unit helps to improve drainage and avoids you from spending much money on trash bags and other supplies.

Garbage Disposal Unit’s Cons

Australia has been hit hard by China’s latest decision to stop taking and disposing of foreign waste. The state is due to spend millions in education and facilities to boost waste management activities. With this, Australians start to doubt the impact of their actions on the environment.

Garbage disposal unit is one subject under assessment. Since it gives convenience to homeowners and prevents food waste from going to landfills, many individuals appreciate them. But recent studies have shown they have three times more environmental effect than the food waste entering the landfill. Here’s some of the devastating impact of the garbage disposal unit: 

  • Piling of waste down the sink enters the ecosystem.
  • Causes problems on aquatic life
  • Accumulating grease with other waste in the drains and sewers.
  • Grinds stuck for a long time leading to bad kitchen smell when grit and sludge start to emit an odour. 
  • It can break at some point, making you buy a costly garbage disposal unit.


Food waste is also a source of harmful gas emission in the atmosphere. As an aid to reduce the effects, a garbage disposal unit is made. This is commonly used to prevent the food waste from stinking, and it keeps your drainage in good condition. However, the unit also has cons that must be addressed to avoid odour in the kitchen, equipment damage and the harming the environment three times.

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