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DIY Waste and Rubbish Management Practises for Your Home

Waste comes in many shapes, sizes and forms. From food wastes, plastic waste and even backyard waste–it’s never-ending. Almost every corner in your home or property generates waste. 

In fact, waste production is a global problem since the industrial era. Due to mass production and technological advances, people can easily purchase large amounts of materials and goods. With this excessive and often compulsive consumption behaviour, it contributed to the growing number of environmental problems.

As the world’s waste problem continues to skyrocket, every household should be mindful on their consumption not just with perishable items, but as well as other forms of rubbish items such as plastics, metal scraps and other solid waste materials.

Australia’s Waste Generation Statistic

According to
The Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2016-17, household comes in second in generating a large amount of waste:

  • Construction (20.4 megatonnes, 29.6%)
  • Households (13.8 megatonnes, 20.0%)
  • Gas, electricity, water and waste services (12.7 megatonnes, 18.4%)
  • Manufacturing (10.8 megatonnes, 15.6%)

How to Improve Household Waste Management

In reducing rubbish problems in your household, the best strategies are broken down into three major principles known as the 3 Rs. But if you want to go beyond the traditional way of rubbish management, these are Kurt’s Rubbish Removal household waste management solutions.

Check your pantry and kitchen storage

Pantries and other kitchen storage hold a large amount of plastic waste from plastic bags to plastic containers. Switch to recyclable and reusable shopping bags and glass containers. They will not only last longer, but it will also save you money purchasing these plastic disposable items.

From paper napkins to cloth napkins

Consumption of paper towels and napkins has increased due to the pandemic crisis. Now is the time to switch your paper towels and napkins to cloth napkins. You’re not only reducing waste, but it’s also cost-effective and eco-friendly.

DIY household cleaners

Coronavirus created fear and panic which causes impulse purchases even the most common household disinfectant and cleaners. Most of these DIY ingredients are lying around your kitchen. However, if you don’t know where to start, you can find some simple DIY cleaners on the internet. 

Choose recyclable packaging

Prioritise and consider packaging purchases when you shop. Check the labels the next time you purchase for your household goods. Choose whole foods instead of packaged or processed foods and items with recyclable or lesser packaging.

Household Rubbish Management Key Takeaways

Get everyone on board in reducing the number of rubbish items produced in your home and even in your workplace with these simple pointers. 

  • Make It Easy – Place your waste and recycling bins next to each other. It’s simple and easier to throw your rubbish items.
  • Be Clear – Place signage on your recycling, composting and waste bins. You can also add some pictures on what goes in each bin. Remember, most humans are visual and this will be easier for the young members of the family and those who don’t take time to read.
  • Make It Fun – Make recycling fun by encouraging healthy rubbish management competition at home. Create challenges to see which individual can recycle the most. You can also provide some incentives when the member of the family can reach certain waste reduction goals.

Incentives don’t have to be in cash. Our main goal is to raise awareness and get each family member to do their part.


Change must start in every individual doing their part. Your small efforts matter in protecting our environment and providing a sustainable solution in the growing number of waste problems. By practising proper waste management at home, you’re helping in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimising operation costs at the same time. 

You may have done your part in reducing waste in your household, your workplace and even in your community. Moreover, there’s something that you might haven’t tried in one of our to-do-list. Pick one and try to integrate it to your rubbish management practises at home. By taking one step forward, we can all reduce waste together.

Kurt’s Rubbish Removal provides a wide range of rubbish removal services in Sydney. You can always rely on our professional and reliable rubbish removalists to remove all your rubbish items from garden waste, furniture, scrap metals and other residential waste. Kurt’s Rubbish Removal also provide commercial rubbish removal and industrial rubbish removal services. 

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