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Deforestation and Forest Degradation: Global Threats

It’s not a secret. Our ill-treated ways affect the environment for decades and centurie. Issues about the environment are more notable and clearer now. People should demand a better way of addressing and governing these environmental issues that are bulldozing Australia for the longest time.

Among many other issues that already plague the continent, deforestation and forest degradation has posed a more focused look and active concern among citizens. We are all called out to act and battle against the negative effects that these global issues pose. Everybody is responsible for keeping the environment a rich dependable resource.

Deforestation in Australia

Deforestation is one of the major threats that continue to phase out the wild. It is the process in which large forest areas undergo land conversion. Loggers cut down trees and shrubs and everything inside a forest ground to make the location into mostly agricultural purposes. Often, these lands are poorly managed. Rich forest land becomes a thinned out land that affects wildlife. Imagine if the forest area was taken out, where does this put all the other wildlife that depend on it?

“In 2019, it (Australia) lost 1.62 Mha of natural forest, equivalent to 396Mt of CO2 of emissions.” – from the Global Forest Watch

“…tree-clearing is also a significant environmental threat in Australia. WWF estimates that more than 80% of the deforestation set to occur globally between 2015 and 2030 will take place in 11 deforestation ‘fronts.’ One of these is eastern Australia…” – from WWF

Forest Degradation

Forest degradation is the decrease or reduction of the biological quality in the forest. This degradation often results from activities that take away forest resources without proper compensation and counteractions. The forest loses its ability to be a healthy place habitable for wildlife. Many things including excessive logging, forest fires, and the like, can cause this degradation. As forests become more barren by, the forest loses its resources that keeps it alive.

“… primary forests support, without exception, more diverse and structurally complex biotas than their degraded counterparts, even when degradation is mild.” – from Corey Bradshaw’s entry for the Journal of Plant Ecology

55 million hectares (41% by area) of Australia’s forests were burnt by fire one or more times during the period 2011–12 to 2015–16.” – from Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

From global phenomena to real-time global threats

Land is necessary for many economic activities that contribute to daily profit and livelihood. Yet, mismanaged activities always result in a threat that negatively affects the environment. Deforestation and forest degradation aren’t only activities that degrade wildlife. These are activities that negatively affect us as well. These are some things that are currently happening because of deforestation and forest degradation:

  • Climate change that can make weather patterns harder to predict i.e. unpredictable calamities and rising of sea levels
  • Increased greenhouse gases that can cause the Earth to turn warmer
  • Rapid extinction of various species of organisms
  • Depletion of useful and productive resources
  • Loss of habitat for wildlife
  • Soil erosion that can cause negative effects to agriculture and its products
  • Air pollution that lowers the quality of air essential for living
  • Faster spread of pest and diseases to other places
  • Waste that can turn into pollutants in remaining areas


Some industries thrive well in the business of deforestation and forest degradation. The negative results of these activities hit us more every day. There should be alternatives that help in keeping economies productive. It should not be at the expense of the only environment, we all depend on. If these continue at the rate that it is going, soon, everybody on Earth will suffer more.

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