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How Deforestation Adds to Pollution Crises

Trees are the lungs of the planet that take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. They are the heart of forest lands that keeps ecosystems and habitats alive. Trees are also kidneys that keep water systems clean and healthy. To sum it up, trees serve many functions akin to a human body. They keep nature functional for everyday activity. So, when lands of trees are cut down, what happens when they decrease in fast rates without recuperation? Pollution happens.

Pollution in Australia

Pollution is injecting harmful materials in nature resulting in adverse effects. Times right now are full of uncertainty. Toxic consequences from the inflicted harm towards the environment. Australia is currently under a health crisis that stems from decades of constant activity that destroys nature. As a result, people are suffering from pollution. Air quality is diminishing and there’s a high chance that the air you breathe is harmful already.

“Since August 2019, the air quality in Australian towns and cities has repeatedly exceeded hazardous levels.” – from Guardian Australia

Deforestation in Australia

Deforestation is one of the most rampant ways that the population of trees go down. There are two ways that deforestation occurs. One is through natural phenomena outside of human control. The other one is through man-made activities that serve other purposes. Outside of bodily functions that serve useful in nature, trees are also useful in agriculture and business. This results in millions of forested lands lost to deforestation.

Forest and wood industries in Australia garner an income of as much as $23.9 billion. This is a large recorded contribution to the nation’s economy. So how exactly is cutting down trees that produce good results bad? The problem is when these deforested trees are there to produce products, but there’s no replanting to encourage reforestation. When businesses and industries suddenly convert forested lands to farmlands or wood products without any replanting happening, one day, all forests will be gone.

Deforestation and the pollution crisis

The pollution crisis is something that everybody experiences every day. It might not be through more explicit ways like wildlife losing homes or  weekly fires that are visible in your vicinity. You never know if the water source of your faucet is mildly contaminated. Trees play a big role in lessening or even completely stopping negative effects. When you convert forests and leave a deforested land, here are some of the things that will take effect:

  • Fewer trees mean an accumulation of greenhouse gases which leads to Global Warming
  • Deforestation leads to climate change
  • Less soil enrichment and nutrient circulation in the ground leaving lands unhealthy
  • Flash floods and landslides can occur with the absence of trees in an area
  • Nothing can absorb, filter and reduce toxic substances in the air
  • Deforested lands sometimes turn into a littering grounds that accumulates waste
  • Pollutants can stream through bigger bodies of water without trees that break rainfall
  • Fewer trees that can help in cooling down the temperature and blocking UV rays that can cause harm


Deforestation is a big factor that adds to the current pollution. Trees are one of the most useful resources that living things can depend on. Taking trees away leads to an unhealthy environment which in turn, affects daily activity. Even if you didn’t do anything, constant deforestation can directly make your life polluted. 

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There is no personal effort small enough that it can’t contribute to the improvement of the pollution crisis. Your choices every day, no matter how plain or simple can make a difference towards the environment. One example is choosing your rubbish removal partner. Kurt’s Rubbish Removal is available for you. Along with taking away your waste, we engage in
recycling activities that help in the current deforestation activities. 

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