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How to Decrease Species Extinction Rates By Recycling and Proper Waste Disposal

Humans aren’t the only biological creatures that depend on the environment and natural resources. The flora and fauna kingdoms need nature as much as you do. When the environment suffers, animals suffer too. Resources become difficult to manage and mortality of species starts to change to adapt to this difficulty. Some animals make it out, others become permanently wiped out of the planet.

The problem starts with what we do and the resources we consume. As a consequence of this reality, waste will always be present. Humans, animals and all other living forms produce waste. The more modern rise in human activity and advancement of technology play a role in the mismanagement of waste. Some waste that humans make are too complicated to handle and get rid of. This drives to further extinction of already endangered species. So what can we do?

Recycling and saving species

When we don’t compete with the rest of the animal kingdom to sustain personal needs, it means they have more chances to meet their needs. Many resources often come from forests and nature. Naturally, animals and plants will get their needs there. Recycling is one of the simplest ways to give animals and plants the protection they need. The following things are possible when we take resources from nature:

  • Lower oxygen levels in water sources which affect marine wildlife
  • Destructive manufacturing processes in industries contribute to climate change that can cause a rise in sea levels and erratic changes in temperature settings
  • Getting resources from the environment with optimal replacement will cost a lot to species living there
  • Activities like illegal logging contribute to deforestation which literally takes away home from many animals

Sustainability is key to keeping a lifestyle that mitigates harm to the environment. When you have something that you can keep on using, you don’t need to look for something else. Recycling offers this solution to people. Many countries are on the drive to create more sustainable solutions that start with people, followed by small businesses and finally large industries. The reality is, recycling is more than just transforming used items for reuse. Recycling is an alternate lifestyle that dictates the demand for the things we get from the environment. 

Proper Waste Disposal and preventing damage

Waste is one of the easiest ways to contaminate a habitat. Animals or herds of animals can make your waste their breakfast and meals without any knowledge that
it may kill them in the long run. Practising proper waste disposal is one of the steps you can do to manage your waste at home. By using methods that help in curbing waste, a lot of species don’t need to experience possible harm from any mismanaged rubbish. Any of these can happen with the garbage that lies around:

  • Household waste can cause water contamination and kill wildlife in the water area
  • Animals can intake contaminated water which can lead to eventual poisoning and death
  • Animals ingest plastic debris that blocks vital body parts like airways and mouth
  • Increases pollution and makes habitats dangerous and inhabitable

Proper Waste Disposal includes many methods and ways to dispose of trash. There are more favoured options that produce less harm along the way. Greener options for handling waste improve the survival rate of these species. If you choose to spend a minute thinking about how you can still use your straw from the drink you just ordered, there is less chance that the same straw can end up stuck within a turtle’s nose.


Recycling and Proper Waste Disposal exist hand in hand to answer the waste issues that are happening. These methods don’t need to be complicated to work. You don’t need to spend a lot of money reusing items that can still serve a purpose. There’s no harm in reducing some goods that you can do without. As Australia is home to many species, there is more responsibility to keep garbage as orderly and out of chance to endanger these animals.

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