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Buying Antiques in Sydney: All You Need To Know

Antique pieces add an interesting and unique character to a home or property. Anyone can make their place look timeless and stylish by putting genuine old pieces on different corners. Some even collect valuable and rare antique pieces for a hobby.

If you’re looking for antiques but unfamiliar with the varying qualities, types, and prices, we’ll walk you through some important points when buying antiques in Sydney.

What are Antiques

Antiques are typically old things that are possibly over a hundred years old and recognised as valuable and unique. They differ from vintage items, which are old but not relatively archaic.

If you plan to buy antiques in Sydney, you must understand that not all old items are antiques. Old things found in a deceased estate can’t be antiques unless they’re about a hundred years or older. That’s a rule of thumb for most dealers.

When you’re at it, you will discover that buying antiques is an incredibly fulfilling activity that allows you to find numerous rare and valuable old things.

Types of Antiques and How Much They Worth

You can certainly come across rare items from various avenues in Sydney. Antique art galleries, local flea markets, or even thrift stores and op shops may have something that can hit your curiosity.

Besides, some of those old but unique pieces can really be valuable. Most antique collectors would pay a high price just to get a hold of a one-of-a-kind item.

Here are a few types of antiques you can find in Sydney.

Old Clocks 

Traditional clocks that represent a specific style and era are very popular with antique buyers and decorators. These are specifically mechanical clocks made over a century ago.

A rare antique clock can be worth $100,000 or more. But even those more conventional pieces are worth the money. They come in many forms, from longcase and wall dangling to mount or table clocks. 

So, take some time to know how you can identify antique clocks before buying one. 

Antique Kitchenware

Traditional or historic kitchenware attracts a few buyers and collectors, whether they’re ancient or made in the mid-20th century. 

Old cooking, serving, storage objects, and numerous kitchen items that survived a hundred years are valuable things you can buy from various antique shops in Sydney. 

Rare Coins

Old coins often have a higher value than they’re actually worth. If you’re collecting rare and antique coins, you must keep a list of those that could be valuable. Like the 1922-1921 overdate Threepence, some coins can be worth thousands of dollars

Antique Furniture

Old and unique furniture is another valuable item that can be worth $200 to $2000. When buying antique furniture, look for pieces in good shape. Choose those that are made of solid wood with designs that you prefer.

The uniqueness, age, condition, and other distinctive features of antique furniture makes it an appealing piece for many buyers and collectors.  


Fine pieces of jewellery are always worth the money. Look for precious metals and valuable gems. You can find various antique jewellery that features fine craftsmanship and premium quality. 

But remember that one-of-a-kind items such as antique jewellery pieces can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Although they’ve been produced in earlier times and not always pre-worn, their exact value is often extremely variable. 

Finding Valuable Antiques in Sydney

To start your antique-buying journey in Sydney, you can follow these helpful tips and get the perfect piece for your home or collection: 

  1. Start simple and get the items that best fit your home.
  2. Browse through antique stores and have a good talk with antique dealers as they can tell you about their pieces. You can also seek information from other collectors or buyers online.
  3. Visit garage sales, flea markets, and estate auctions, as they often have valuable pieces for deals.
  4. Establish connections and good relationships with dealers. They can promptly alert you when various unique pieces come in.
  5. Always go by your instincts. If you’re so interested in a piece, then it can be the right one for you.
  6. Know more about antiques. See numerous pieces of the same item and be proactive in choosing your best preference.
  7. Eye up for detail and quality.
  8. Lastly, develop your negotiation skills for better deals.

Key Takeaways

Finding the perfect antique piece isn’t easy. If you’re looking for a specific design, type, or detail, you need to make some effort to get it.

Besides, buying genuine antiques can be beneficial in many ways. You don’t only add interest to your home or collection, but you are also being eco-friendly and socially responsible.

The Antiques Industry is a great example of recycling at its best. When you buy old items, you prevent them from getting dumped in congested landfills and help lessen carbon emissions and other pollutants.

Moreover, it preserves our social history and heritage while supporting local industries. So, when planning to buy antiques in Sydney, learn more and ensure to make the best out of it.

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