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Bathroom Cleaning: Step by Step Guide

A clean bathroom benefits you and everybody that steps foot in it. There’s no denying it. Your toilet is one of the most disgusting areas in the household that needs regular cleaning. This serves as more reason to maintain it and keep it clean. You wouldn’t want any microbes growing around in spaces where you brush your teeth, take a bath or clean up.

“While 27% of toilet seats contained mold and yeast, 64% of toothbrush holders did.” – by Julissa Treviño

In cleaning and regular maintenance of the bathroom, go deep. Cover all surfaces as much as possible. You’ll be surprised that even the smallest corners and the most unlikely things inside can hoard germs and grow moulds. Let this step by step guide help you in making sure that your bathroom is in top-notch sanitation.


sparkling clean bathroom

Reasons Why Your Bathroom Should be Sparkly Clean

Make bathroom sanitation a habit in your household. A safe bathroom is a major intention of  cleaning it. However, it’s not the only beneficial purpose of cleaning. There are various reasons to keep your bathroom sparkly clean. In addition to making your bathroom a safe space, you’ll find that there are other valuable outcomes from giving it a good cleaning.

  • To prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi, virus and other deadly microorganisms

In light of more recent events around the world, sanitation has never been as important as before. Giving your bathroom the proper care it needs guarantees that there is less pathogen that can harm. We all know that these microorganisms travel better with physical contact.

Bacteria like E. coli which can cause UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and diarrhea, is common on bathroom floors and toilets. Keep your bathroom clean in line with more recent global health issues. Studies show that some fecal samples from patients infected with the present SARS-CoV-2 contain a trace of the now deadly Coronavirus disease.

Make this a more urgent and high-priority note for you to keep your bathroom clean and sanitary for your family or selected guests, especially with the pandemic going on. The only way to stay safer and healthier is to keep yourself and your surroundings clean.

  • To prevent discolouration of bathroom surfaces and parts

Surfaces like the sink and bathroom tiles in the bathroom fade and discolour over time. Prevent this by cleaning your bathroom regularly. Sometimes accumulating dirt and grime lead to some patches that have different off colour from the normal colour. Some spaces that don’t get a regular cleaning discolour over time due to natural conditions. Maintaining a bathroom also maintains the quality of the space.

Use suitable products for different surfaces to ensure effective cleaning. The latest cleaning technologies use the presence of naturally occurring microbes and enzymes to target the microbes in surfaces better, leaving cleaner surfaces and spaces (like in-between tiles). This lessens corrosion. Use the correct products and prolong the life and colour consistency of bathroom surfaces. This helps in aesthetics and good space visuals if you are keen on those things.

  • To lessen foul bathroom odours

The most noticeable and unfailing effect of a dirty bathroom is a foul odour. Since anybody’s business inside the bathroom usually revolves around sanitation and cleanliness, the smell is a dead giveaway that space is not as clean for use – a huge turnoff for anybody and “no-no” for anybody who wants to use it.

Putting deodorisers and masking fragrances can only do so much. Smell can build up quickly over days and months. They can be harmful from too much exposure. The only way you can take away the foul odour is by cleaning its sources inside the bathroom. This means that you need to clean up the bathroom frequently to make sure that no foul smell ever comes out.

  • To inspect any damages that you might miss out i.e. maintenance purposes

Maintenance checks inside homes need to be regular. Bathroom cleaning can serve as a stepping stone for this task. Is the tile starting to crack? Is your toilet water spouts working perfectly? Did you notice that the sink drains more slowly? These are more common things you can observe when you dig deep inside the bathroom space.

Damages are more common especially in properties and houses that are old. Make the bathroom cleaning session an opportunity to check if this space is still in its functional condition. Save big bucks and unexpected blows to budget by maintaining bathroom space well. By cleaning the bathroom, you are already preventing further damage to important accessories and parts inside.

  • To keep hygiene and sanitation practices

Imagine using a bathroom in a dirty state. Toilet lids moist and damp. Rubbish piled up for days without proper disposal. Dirty wall mirrors with water stains and grime. Shower areas wreaking off mildew odour. This can serve as a definite turn off point for anybody who wants to use your bathroom a.k.a. comfort room, a place where you should feel safe and secured.

A clean bathroom gives good etiquette and regard to the next users. No matter if it’s at home or in a public space, good hygiene should always be in practise. From closing the toilet lid before flushing to keeping the sink dry, a clean bathroom is a big value to the next user. 

Australians are getting better at practising hand hygiene. Improve the statistics on Australian hand hygiene to lessen incidents on bacterial infections and outbreaks.

A clean bathroom gives good comfort to anybody who uses it. The intention to clean it doesn’t revolve completely around the more traditional idea of keeping germs and pathogens away. It gives good mental benefit to having a clean and orderly space. 

It saves some bucks to spot early on any signs of wear and tear in any aspect, a financial benefit to you. In short, a clean bathroom that is sparkly clean should give you peace of mind.

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Common Bathroom Items that Needs Regular Replacement

In the name of maintenance and sanitation, there are staple items that you need constant replacement. Your bathroom should have the essentials to help serve its purpose to any user. Though they may slash some cut from your budget, it’s better to have them inside your bathroom since you’re going to be using them anyway. You get cleaner in better condition items too.

  • Loofah

Loofahs need constant replacement since it’s a good breeding ground for bacteria and germs. During bath time, a loofah scrubs a lot of dead skin cells. Unfortunately, they don’t get as much cleaning as you do when you take a good bath. 

Anything that touches your skin should be as clean as possible to make them function well i.e. scrubbing off bacteria during shower time. Avoid mobilisation of bacteria in loofahs by replacing them frequently.

How often you should replace item: once a month

Common microbe present: dead skin cells and bacteria

  • Toothbrush

When flushing the toilet, air particles carry many germs. Fecal material gets dispersed in the open air. This is why it’s essential to put the lid down before you flush the toilet. This prevents carrying possible pathogens to the surrounding air. Unfortunately, many of these microorganisms end up on toothbrushes that are mostly left out in the open. This can contribute to the decline of your dental and oral health.

With constant use, bristles are bound for tear and wear down too. The spaces in between bristles harbour bacteria too. Replacing your toothbrush ensures that when you clean your teeth, the purpose is not defeated by the microorganisms that are already living within its structures. Keep yourself safe by making sure that you are not brushing more bacteria and germs within your mouth.

How often you should replace item: Every three months

Common microbe present: E. coli, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus

  • Bathroom towels

Bathroom towels get wet every time somebody washes their hands or takes a bath. This means that the towels inside the bathroom are moist daily. A lot of dead skin cells are stuck on it too. You’ll need to replace them daily to guarantee that the cloth piece you use for your hands or other parts of the body is free from germs.

If your towel is too worn out and is not in a good condition to dry you better, consider buying a replacement. More uses for a towel means more wear out. Some towels dry slower with more use and scuffs, making it moist for germs to lurk in.

How often you should replace item: weekly, but dry it every day

Common microbe present: mould, yeast, Streptococcus

  • Showerhead filter

Showerhead filters work as it is. It filters a lot of things from the water coming out of your showerhead. Advanced and more specific types of filters prevent chlorine, bacteria and fluoride from the shower water. Showerhead filters act as a way to purify the water that comes into contact with your skin when taking a bath.

There is a downside to this though. As it captures some microbes and dirt from the water, it can easily backfire and become a source of bacteria in the shower area. 

This is why you should never miss out on replacing it regularly. What once makes water cleaner can become a source of sickness for you. Mycobacteria could be lurking around, potentially giving you lung infection.

How often you should replace item: between 5 months to 1 year (depending on the type)

Common microbe present: Legionella pneumophila, Stenotrophomonas maltophilia

  • Bathroom mats

Foot traffic carries a lot of microorganisms like bacteria and pathogens inside the bathroom. You wipe your feet or footwear on bathroom mats. Bathroom mats can contain all kinds of bacteria that are from outside. Swap bathroom mats frequently especially when they often get wet to prevent thriving microbes in the moist mat.

Many specialised bathroom rugs in the market are antimicrobial or antibacterial. Check them out in your local stores and see if you can score a good buy with a bathroom item that is more functional than a regular mat. This can help curb fungal infections for anybody who steps in.

How often you should replace item: Every week

Common microbe present: bacteria, moulds, foot fungus

  • Disposable razor

Disposable razors are for short-term use. However, we are all guilty of stretching them for as long as they can. This saves a lot of bucks and constant trips to stores for a newer unit. What’s even more dangerous is that some razors start to harbour rust especially in moist environments like bathrooms.

Many of us leave razors out in the open. Making these bathroom items susceptible to a lot of germs and viruses. These are items that are in constant contact with the face. Though many kinds of these smaller organisms don’t cause too much harm, putting razors in contact with skin can be infectious and dangerous.

How often you should replace item: up to 10 uses

Common microbe present: bacteria and rust

  • Shower curtains

Mildew comes from fungus growth. Usually, shower curtains become a good breeding ground for mildew because it gets wet every time somebody uses the shower. Mildew grows best in damp and moist environments. Mildew is usually white and gives off a different smell inside enclosed areas.

Replace shower curtains to prevent the growth of mildew. This keeps the bathroom and shower space free from the weird smell that grows over time. If you change the shower curtain regularly and still find that mildew is present every time, this can indicate the ventilation condition of your bathroom.

How often you should replace item: every year

Common microbe present: moulds, mildew, scum

A constant replacement of some bathroom rubbish can take some part in your budget. Nevertheless, this ensures that most things in your bathroom are safe for use. They don’t become a habitation for microorganisms that come in constant contact with anybody who uses the bathroom. A small price to pay can mean a great peace of mind for you and anybody who uses your bathroom space. Consider it a good expense for your safety and sanitation.

If you have more enquiries about some replaceable items we can take, don’t hesitate to call us  at0428 255 438. Here at Kurt’s Rubbish Removal, we work with you in keeping some items bound for trash, away.

rubbish in the recycling bins

Proper Segregation, Recycling, and Disposal of Bathroom Rubbish

A bathroom is a place where you do a lot of daily routines and activities. This also means that a lot of rubbish and waste comes from the bathroom. What you do with your business inside is yours. However, it’s part of the responsibility to segregate, recycle and dispose of rubbish that is inside.

Make proper waste management inside the bathroom a habit for anybody who goes there. This can contribute a lot in lessening the actual work you need to do to maintain it. Imagine your bathroom floor damp with a lot of dirt and grime. Tissue rolls and papers not shot completely inside the disposal bin. Wet surfaces that make maintenance disgusting. You don’t need to do it alone.

There are various methods to aid you in maintaining the waste in your bathroom.

  • Put up specific bathroom bin for bathroom rubbish

The rubbish that comes from the bathroom is general household waste and biomedical waste. Put a specific bin for each bathroom. For more common rubbish like toilet papers, cotton balls or earbuds, you can put them in the bathroom bin. For biomedical waste like used sanitary pads and tampons, disposable diapers or things contaminated with fluids or blood, wrap them with paper before disposal.

It would be best to set up a bathroom rubbish bin with cover or lid to avoid insects. Body fluids can attract insects, pests or vermin when left out in the open. They tend to give off foul odour too. This can cause unnecessary insanitation in the bathroom.

Make the bathroom area as dry as possible especially when not in use. Before throwing some items, keep them dry or wipe them off to avoid any water droplets or water drips coming from the rubbish bin. Since bacteria and mould thrives in moist environments, this will inhibit possible growth of these microorganisms that can grow well in this waste.

  • Set up a large container for recyclables

Set up a large container to store recyclables from your bathroom. Some of these items can be recyclable containers from toiletries and liquids or bathroom cleaning supplies. Many containers and hard packaging material in the bathroom are recyclable.

Look at the symbols and signs in the information label of the product. Most products inside the bathroom indicate recyclability and reuse. The recycling symbol should be present especially for most items that are in hard plastic containers. The symbol is made up of three arrows that form a cycling triangle towards each other (♻).

  • The proper method to dispose of bathroom rubbish

It is important to segregate the trash first as much as possible. On top of general household waste and biomedical waste, the bathroom is also common with hazardous waste. Never mix this kind of waste in the bathroom rubbish bin or place them inside the recyclable container. Some of the hazardous items are the following:

✘ Expired medicine

✘ Razors (sharps)

✘ Needles or syringes (sharps)

✘ Any broken glass

✘ Liquid products

✘ Expired makeup

✘ Used cosmetic products

✘ Thermometers

✘ Chemicals

✘ Solvents

Put these rubbish items and products aside and dispose of them separately. Putting them alongside other kinds of waste can be dangerous. Keep your safety and make sure to get rid of these products by bringing them to a different container, possibly outside the bathroom. Wrap them in other material before disposal.

For many liquid products, flush them down the drain and wash them down with water. Many of these products are soluble in water and won’t damage your drains. Make sure to check the nature of the product first before draining it down. If it’s oil-based, dispose of it in another way.

Managing bathroom waste is simple with the right information. Always check the label of your products before disposing of them. The nature of the rubbish item can determine largely the kind and method of disposal appropriate and safe for other users. A huge part of maintaining the sanitation of the bathroom is regular waste disposal.

A reliable expert can also add to the safety and protection of your bathroom. Kurt’s Rubbish Removal can professionally handle all your bathroom rubbish. All you need to do is book a rubbish removal job with us.


bathroom cleaning supplies

Steps in Cleaning Your Bathroom

A dirty environment is a good breeding ground for many forms of microorganism. Bacteria, pathogens, mildew and moulds grow in dirty environments. This can pose danger and harm to anybody who uses your bathroom. Though it is one of the most disgusting places to clean and maintain, it’s essential to keep your bathroom clean. The only way to do this is to thoroughly clean it.

  • Cleaning

Making out visible dirt, grime or spots inside the bathroom. This includes wiping down mirrors, drying shower areas, brushing off surfaces inside. A general clean makes your bathroom look neat without notable specks of dirt in all parts. Cleaning doesn’t necessarily equate to a sanitised or disinfected bathroom.

  • Sanitising

Killing off microorganisms up to or more than the necessary standard to keep a bathroom clean. When you sanitise the bathroom, you are lowering the germ count present to make it a safer space. There are many sanitising products available in the market. It’s not the only way to sanitise a place. You can heat areas to kill bacteria. A sanitary bathroom guarantees safety for the next user.

  • Disinfecting

Killing bacteria, moulds and microorganisms in the surfaces of the bathroom. This includes using proper disinfectants in specific surfaces of the bathroom. Consider disinfection as a wipeout of the germs and growing moulds inside. This prevents further growth of pathogens inside the bathroom. Nevertheless, disinfecting doesn’t mean cleaning visible dirt in the bathroom.

  • Organising

If you want to put an extra step to make the bathroom space well-kept and compact, organise the things inside. Bathroom cupboards and drawers serve as a big help not only to store common bathroom articles and accessories but to prioritise the items often in use.

Putting labels and markers on certain items and areas also help whoever is using the bathroom. This is especially helpful if you have children in the family or a young visitor. Indicating the use of some bathroom toiletries or products helps in stating if they are currently open or safe to use.

There are necessary items to help you in keeping the bathroom clean. Though you don’t need to replace them as often, it’s good to have a stock for use every time you clean the bathroom. Make sure to have these basic items when you clean.

✔︎ Scrub and brush

✔︎ Cleaning solution or cleaning powder

✔︎ Disinfecting solution

✔︎ Spare rags

✔︎ Mop and bucket

✔︎ Gloves

✔︎ Eyeshield

✔︎ Coveralls (to protect your clothes)

There are different steps you can do to clean your bathroom. You can create a system of your own. Hit off all the parts in the steps to guarantee that you are not missing anything. The result includes a clean, sanitised, disinfected and organised bathroom. To start cleaning your bathroom, consider these steps so you don’t miss out on any important aspect.

  1. Remove all unnecessary items that don’t belong in the bathroom to make it more organised.
  2. Wear the necessary protective equipment to keep yourself safe from possible burns or irritation from the cleaning solutions and disinfectant liquids.
  3. CLEAN all surfaces by doing a wipe down to remove dirt, grime and scum. You can use a brush, water, mop, wet wipes or some rags to do this. For more stubborn marks and dirt like tile grouts, you can use a cleaning solution to soften the patch making it easier to take out. Let everything sit for a while.
  4. Wash down with water the surfaces you cleaned.
  5. Spray disinfecting solution in all relevant surfaces. This can include but are not limited to, sink, floor, toilet, shower area, mirrors, drain paths, water spouts, tiles, door and cabinet handles, glass partitions, or water taps.
  6. Let the solution sit in the bathroom for a while to kill the microbes present.
  7. Wait for the bathroom to dry.
  8. Replace the things and parts that need replacement like bathroom mat, towels, tissue papers, handwashing soap in the sink or wipes.

For a double check, if you did all pertinent parts of bathroom cleaning, these are some follow-up reminders that can help.

✔︎ Did you take apart and clean some aspects like drains, covers, containers that are constantly wet?

✔︎ Did you brush the grout from between tile spacings?

✔︎ Did you use a toothbrush or smaller brush to clean far corners and hidden areas of the bathroom?

✔︎ Did you use the right kind of cleaning solution or disinfectant?

✔︎ When did you last give your bathroom a deep clean?

✔︎ Did you handle the rubbish from the bathroom properly?

There are many more ways on how you can clean your bathroom. Guarantee that this space never harbours more dangerous microorganisms by ensuring it’s clean, properly sanitised, regularly disinfected and routinely organised. Work your way around methods that make the job easier for you.


clean bathroom

Final Thoughts

The bathroom is a space that functions to provide us with comfort and safety when necessary. This space is personal. Nevertheless, it is a proven fact that we share it with millions of microbes that exist alongside us every day. Most of them are not bad, but many can make us sick and more prone to danger.

Cleaning your bathroom puts you in the best interest away from harm. Although it might take out a chunk of your time, how bad can it be to do regular monthly disinfection? 

You are not only putting yourself to safety, you are preparing this safe space for others too.

You don’t have to do everything alone. We understand that sometimes, cleaning can be at the last in your list of priorities as other parts of life take up your time. 

Don’t worry, we are always available to work with you in keeping your rubbish manageable, and thus your bathroom, cleaner. What’s better? We recycle the trash we take from you. Cleaning doesn’t need to be a burden. You have us here at Kurt’s Rubbish Removal.

Book a rubbish removal job with us today. Call 0428 255 438 or send us your enquiries via email. 


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