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Are There Laws Applicable to Noisy Garbage Trucks?

Waste disposal or rubbish collection is part of our everyday life. It plays an important role in the cleanliness and sustainability of our environment, conservation of our resources and helps protect the health of the people.

Privately-owned garbage collection companies help mitigate the additional labour designated within our government agencies by developing an action plan for proper waste management and recycling programs.

Generally, waste collection is required to be conducted after hours in the interests of traffic flows and in consideration of the safety of the pedestrian and motorist. However, garbage trucks should not be causing any irregular sleep disturbances or disruption of the people’s daily routine in the community whilst doing their job.


Collection Time


In NSW, garbage collection is usually scheduled in the early mornings when street traffic is not yet congested. This is to ensure the public’s safety and avoid disruption to traffic since garbage trucks frequently stop on the road.


Noise Disturbance


Noise becomes annoying if it affects people’s wellbeing, everyday life and working environment. Fortunately, there are certain agencies that can help resolve this issue.

According to The Environment, Energy and Science (EES), if in case you are experiencing excessive noise from garbage collector trucks, it is important to identify where the disturbance is coming from and provide the following details:

  • The name and/or address of the premises
  • The name of the waste management company
  • Truck’s vehicle registration number
  • Date and time of the observation

Let me just remind you before you write this down on your diary log, that the reverse beeping you hear from garbage trucks is equivalent to a warning system and is compulsory under Occupation Health and Safety Regulations. Make sure to fillup the noise diary log for a period of 10 days.

If you wish to report any disturbances or inquire regarding noise pollution, you may contact the organisation responsible for its regulation. 


Complaint Procedure


Authorised officers will gather all the evidence provided and will be the one to contact the company concerned. Once there is enough evidence gathered, legal actions will take place and the concerned company is asked to comply accordingly.

Council Intervention


Garbage collection companies are required to employ proper planning and inclusion of the best management practices to minimise disruption to the residents.

  • The appropriate time for collection
  • Relocating the pickup place
  • Use of quieter low-noise bin lifters
  • Garbage truck maintenance to minimise or eliminate squeaky brakes and noisy exhausts
  • Educating collectors to employ quiet work practices

There is no definite law that restricts or delineate the ‘Noisy Garbage Trucks’. Alternatively, “Guidelines For The Use of The Environment Protection Noise Policy” is constituted to all the local councils to respond to domestic and community complaints and enquiries regarding local nuisance responsibly and respectively.




In most cases, it is usually in your best interest to reduce, remove or eliminate the noise to avoid any risk of enforcement action and disruption of your business. In cases such as this, it is best to resolve the issue with the affected parties. Issues that are resolved amicably result in better and friendlier relationships.

Waste management and recycling programs help conserve our natural resources.

You don’t want to leave your rotting garbage in the open as it can cause air and water pollution. 

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