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10 Creative Ideas You Can Do From Recycling

When you think about recycling, the first thing that comes into your mind is art. In a way, recycling is a means to display your creativity and resourcefulness. But more than that, it is a process that aims to divert waste from landfills. That’s because when you recycle, you turn something useless into something valuable. So, instead of ending up in landfills, rubbish items become a resource that can be used again.

Metals, glass, paper, and plastics are some examples of recyclable materials. These items can be reprocessed again as raw materials to produce new products. Did you know that you can recycle at home without those big recycling equipment? There are many creative products you can do from recycling. Here are 10 innovative recycling ideas you can try.

DIY Garden Sprinkler

One of the many things you can do with a plastic bottle is a garden sprinkler. It is easy to make and use. You simply have to add holes on the surface of the bottle, fill it with water or connect a hose to it. Your plants will thank you for watering them.

Coin Banks

Been wanting to save money but don’t know where to keep it? Why not make your own coin bank without spending money by using rubbish items like plastic bottles and tin cans. Make the opening for your coins by cutting a slit through the container and then you can paint and design it to make your coin bank as artistic as possible.

Jewellery Beads

Don’t waste the colourful pages of your old magazines. Turn them into beads that you can use to create different kinds of jewellery such as earring, bracelets, and necklaces.


Clean your old socks and turn them into puppets. Dye them to your desired colour and then add facial features like googly eyes and red nose for a more attractive presentation. 

Garden Planters

The most commonly used garden planters are plastic bottles, detergent containers, and mason jars. However, there are far more varieties of rubbish that can serve as planters, including tires, boots, teacups, and egg trays.

Suitcase Cabinets or Bedside Table

Turn your old and damaged suitcases into eye-catching vintage cabinets or bedside table. They are sturdy enough to contain items such as your first aid kit and toiletries. You can either mount them on the floor or on the wall. 

Recycled Chandeliers and Lamp

Chandeliers are fancy features of a home, but they can be really pricey. Luckily, you can make your own decorative light using your recyclable junk at a low price to none. Make chandeliers or night lamps out of disposable spoons, plastic bottles, bottle caps and soda can tabs.

Ottoman Chair

Forming your own ottoman chair out of rubbish is an ingenious way of recycling your plastic bottles at home.  Build the foundation of the chair by taping the plastic bottles together and then adding a few layers of foam to make the chair soft. After which, you can sew old pieces of fabric to make the cover for the entire chair.

Bottle Cap Ref Magnets

One way to get creative with bottle caps is by decorating them and then gluing a magnet behind the caps. You can then stick these recycled bottle caps as beautiful ref magnet pieces for your reminders, meal plan, and other notes.

Artistic Wreath

Wreaths are incredible home decorations that you can realise from scraps. Many people have successfully made recycled wreaths out of plastic bags, shredded paper, disposable straws, and plastic cups. 


There are millions of recycled products you can do from your junk at home. With just a bit of creativity, you can turn useless items into something valuable and artistic. Because of this, you’re reducing the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills by reusing discarded rubbish items. Moreover, recycling is an excellent way for you to save money. You won’t spend any money on the things you need because you can craft them out of your household rubbish.

If you don’t have the time to get creative with your recyclable rubbish at home, we got you covered. Here at Kurt’s, we always recycle as much rubbish as we can. We have partner recycling facilities to recycle the rubbish we collect. Diverting waste from landfill is our way of saving mother earth and saving our landfill spaces. 

Aside from sustainable rubbish removal methods, Kurt also guarantees efficient, safe, and affordable household rubbish removal all across the Sydney area. You can rely on our team of expert rubbish removalists to collect virtually all types and sizes of rubbish. We also offer same-day rubbish removal. Call us anytime at 0428 255 438 to get a free quote.


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