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Kurt’s Rubbish Removal offers a wide range of cleanup and rubbish removal services for all of your unwanted junk. We take all of your rubbish from any residential, office, commercial spaces, and construction sites in Sydney and dispose of them responsibly. No matter what you need removed, we can get the job done!

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We know rubbish removal and we know how to do it well.

Kurt’s Rubbish Removal takes pride in having more than 20 years of experience in handling all kinds of junk, trash, and rubbish collection services.

We offer safe and eco-friendly rubbish removal services across all industries. We completely understand the urgency to get rid of unwanted household junk, commercial waste or construction waste in a timely manner.

When you call Kurt’s Rubbish Removal, you’re guaranteed an efficient and affordable rubbish removal service that ticks all the right boxes.

Once your job has been booked in and confirmed, we will dispatch one of our tipper trucks to your location. Our team will happily greet you and then we will begin hand-loading all your junk onto our truck – ready to be appropriately offloaded and recycled.

Reliable same-day rubbish removal in Sydney.

No matter where you are in Sydney, we can provide fast, reliable same-day rubbish removal. Our local rubbish removalists will be dispatched as soon as your booking is confirmed, and will be ready to collect your junk before you know it.

Simply call us before 10am, confirm your location and what’s required to be picked up and we’ll confirm whether we have local team nearby for rubbish collection. Our same-day rubbish removal is really that easy!

Environmentally friendly rubbish removal in Sydney.

Environmentally conscious? Don’t worry, we are too. 

We strive to recycle every single piece of junk we collect, on every single job. When you call Kurt, you’re guaranteed a safe and eco-friendly rubbish removal solution. 

Some items we regularly pick up and recycle include:

  Bedding and mattresses

  Furniture, lounges and sofas

  Green waste and garden waste

  Bottles, cans and glass

  Electronic junk (e-waste)


We Take All Junk

We take it all. No matter how big or small the size of your unwanted junk


Fast Pickup Across Sydney

We offer fast, same-day rubbish removal all across Sydney


We Recycle

We always recycle where possible – we believe in greener more sustainable future


We Cleanup After

After every rubbish removal is complete, we clean up ensuring your site is completely spotless

Fast Rubbish removal Sydney-wide.

We provide rubbish removal to the entire Sydney region. We have a huge fleet of removalist trucks and our professional team is trained to safely collect and dispose of all types of waste.

No matter what you need gone, our team can get it done.

Our rubbish removal services are available in the following locations:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kurt’s Rubbish Removal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We operate day and night to cater prompt rubbish removal to our valued customers in Sydney. Contact us anytime, even after work hours to book an appointment.

We take all sorts of rubbish, junk and unwanted goods - both from residential or commercial sites. Common types of junk we take include furniture, table and chairs, e-waste, hard construction waste, green waste (trees and oil), mattresses, refrigerators, washing machines and more.

We take pride in being one of Sydney’s most reliable rubbish removal companies. We’ll take away all of your rubbish from your home or office. More than that, we also offer demolition and strip out services, rubbish removal from deceased estates and construction sites, and labour-hire.

At Kurt’s, we always stick to your appointed time without any delay. We won’t waste your time waiting for us, so we’ll be on our way the moment your booking has been confirmed. Our friendly team will be at your place within the hour, all geared up to take away all of your junk.

We only employ only the most experienced rubbish removalists in Sydney. Throughout our operation in Sydney, not once have we failed to guarantee a thorough and quality rubbish removal service.  No matter how big your area is or how huge and heavy your junk is, you can rest assured that our professional team can handle that.

Once your unwanted items have been properly loaded onto our rubbish truck, we then take them to be unloaded at your local tip. Most items will be recycled where possible. We take every endeavour to ensure that items that can be recycled, will be recycled.

A lot of factors affect the total price of your rubbish removal. These include the type, volume, and location of the rubbish to remove. We also consider the labour and time involved to perform the job. We take advantage of our networks in the industry so that we can offer you the cheapest rates in Sydney.

Yes. We show that we value our clients by giving them discounts when they book with us again. You just have to cite your previous transaction with us, and we’ll give you a discounted rate on your next booking. Seniors also get a discount from Kurt’s Rubbish Removal when they present their valid seniors ID.

Best Rubbish Removal Service in all of Sydney.

If you could have a free day of the week from your job, would you spend it cleaning your house and removing your junk? We know you wouldn’t!

That’s why we’re here to take all the hassles from you at the cheapest price, so you can enjoy your rest day strolling from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. Enjoy the ocean waves of Cronulla Beach, Bronte Breach, Tamarama Beach, or Maroubra breach while we load all the rubbish in your house onto our trucks.

If you reside in the Inner West of Sydney, head out to eat brunch with your friends at Marrickville and Newtown restaurants. Nothing relieves stress better than getting your hair done at salons in Marrickville and Chippendale and knowing that your trusted rubbish removal company is emptying virtually all your garbage at home.

Mattress Removal
Rubbish Removal Experts in Sydney

Take your family out to Castle Towers or Milson Park in North West Sydney for some fun adventures. You can afterwards enjoy shopping at Kirribilli Markets for some home improvement items since you’ll be coming back to a spacious and clutter-free house. While you spend quality time with your family, we’ll be at your place collecting your junk and hauling them away.

Anyone in South West Sydney would rather hold cutleries eating Asian cuisines in Cabramatta than lifting heavy piles of rubbish at home. Take your rubbish removal needs off of your mind as you appreciate the beauty of Calmsley Hill City Farm and Western Sydney Parklands. Contact us before you head out, and we’ll be at work while you’re away.

Lastly, don’t miss out on the world-class attractions in North Sydney such as the Taronga Zoo, Cremorne Point, and Luna Park. Don’t let the strenuous task of collecting, sorting, and transporting rubbish get in the way of your time of really enjoying all that Sydney has to offer!

Rubbish Removal Resources

In Australia, we produce about 60 million tonnes of waste per year. That's over 200 kilograms for every person in the country!


The average Aussie throws out around 220kg of rubbish each year.  That’s bin-loads and bin-loads that could be recycled or reused instead if only people knew how!  This is roughly equivalent to one full garbage truck for every five Australians... per week.


If you were to pile all this up it would stretch from here (point at where they are) right across the Tasman Sea into New Zealand – almost two times as high as Mount Kosciuszko! If you stacked all these items on top of each other end to end, they'd reach halfway to the Sun.


We produce a lot of rubbish in Australia, and we need to change how we deal with it so that future generations don't inherit this problem. Let's all do our bit by recycling as much of what we can at home and helping others learn about the importance of reducing their waste too!

As our population rises, so does our responsibility to ensure that we have a proper and efficient waste removal plan. The importance of rubbish removal comes from the fact that without one, we simply will not have a sustainable world to live in.


Proper waste and rubbish removal are crucial to the world we live in. It ensures that we’re able to protect the well-being of each other, our environment and Australia. There is numerous NSW waste-related legislation that is in place that helps enforce the proper practice of best rubbish removal guidelines.


These include:

  • Protection of the Environment Operations Act 199
  • Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014
  • Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Act 200

The responsibility falls onto each and every one of us in Sydney, as well as businesses and corporations, to follow best rubbish removal practices. As a family-owned Sydney rubbish removal business, we are proud to do our part in ensuring that Sydney is kept well-maintained and junk-free.

We get asked this question frequently and it’s certainly intriguing to know! There are a few common places where your rubbish will go in Sydney, they include:

  • Landfill
  • Recycling facility
  • Incinerator
  • Waste-to-energy facility

The Australian government, as well as small businesses alike, strive to ensure that there are more sustainable methods of waste removal. You can keep up with initiatives such as Sustainable Sydney 2030 to find out more!

Using a rubbish removal service can be extremely cheap and affordable when compared to other methods of disposal.


For example, we may price a 1-hour job for a few hundred bucks and save you countless amounts of hours conducting the same job yourself. If you were thinking of doing it yourself, would be required to load your junk into a truck and take it to the tip, as well as pay tipping fees.


Adding up the insane amount of time and effort to do this is simply unjustifiable to the average Sydney resident. After all, we live in the busiest city in Australia! Ultimately, the cost of a rubbish removal service will save you heaps of time and provide you with a lot of value, leaving you to do the more important things in your life.


We certainly think that cheap rubbish removal is in the eyes of the beholder. In some cases, simply waiting for a council pick up is the best option. However, if you can't wait and need your junk removed urgently, we're the rubbish removal team to call!

As a resident of Sydney, there are 4 options available to you to remove your rubbish. These include:

  • Hire a rubbish removal service
  • Hire a skip hire
  • Book in a council pick up
  • Take your junk to the tip yourself

Each rubbish removal method comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your circumstances, it will depend on what method will be most suitable for you.

We will briefly highlight each rubbish removal option right here for you!


Rubbish removal service in Sydney

A rubbish removal service provides the highest level of convenience. You may call a rubbish removalist to your site where they will collect, load, recycle (where possible) and dump your rubbish at the tip for you. This service does come at a cost, which the rubbish removalist will provide either over the phone, through email or on-site once they have completed an inspection.


Skip bin hire in Sydney

You may choose to hire a skip bin where it will be placed on your property. You will then have the freedom to be able to load your unwanted rubbish and junk into the skip bin. Note that there are some restrictions to not being able to load certain items into the skip. You will have to confirm with the company beforehand whether your items are suitable.

A skip bin is typically used on construction sites where they are kept through multiple days. Typically this is the most suitable scenario, however, may not be so suitable for residential properties.


Book a Council pick up in Sydney

Council junk pickups are free and cost you nothing. However, the downfall is that you have to wait for the scheduled pick up to take place. Each Sydney local government work on different pickup schedules, so it’s important to check on their website when pickups will occur.

If your junk doesn’t require immediate disposal, then a council pickup may be the most suitable rubbish removal option. However, if you need it gone asap, then a rubbish removal service will be more suitable.


Taking your junk to the tip yourself

The last option includes taking your rubbish or junk to the tip yourself. While this isn’t common, it is an available option for you. It will require that you have a suitable vehicle to load your junk onto, drive to your closest tip, pay the tipping fee and then be able to dispose of your rubbish.

Most Sydneysiders will find that it’s typically easier just to pay for a rubbish removal service or wait for a council pickup. Not every household has a truck that can accommodate larger sized junk and simply will not want to risk damaging their vehicles to get this done. We’ll let you decide for yourself whether this method is suitable!

After years of pollution, the Australian government is finally getting serious about punishing people who dump rubbish illegally.

There are some hefty fines you can expect to pay if caught doing this sort of thing in Australia. If you’re moving house and need to get rid of lots of stuff quickly, here are a few options that won’t land you with fine for illegal dumping:


  • Recycle your cardboard boxes - Cardboard recycling bins have been popping up more frequently on kerbsides across Sydney over the past few years. You might not have noticed them before but they offer free collection every second week!
  • Look out for Cleanup events - Every year there are several national Clean Up The World Weeks where the public is encouraged to come together and pick up litter or remove weeds.
  • Donate your unwanted items - There are several charities that accept donations on behalf of the homeless, refugees, children’s orphanages and many more! Simply look them up online and you can easily find the most reputable ones.
  • Freecycle - A large social network revolving around recycling goods you don't need anymore by giving them away for free. It's all about reusing things instead of throwing them out straight away!
  • Gumtree - This website is very similar to Craigslist but with a focus on more of household goods. You can list your unwanted items for free and buyers are welcome to contact you directly about it.
  • eBay - If you have any specific antiques, collectables or vintage pieces that are valuable then put them up online! It’s also great if you need some extra cash in general because people who use this site are serious bidders.

The most suitable types of junk that can be picked up from your home in Sydney include:


  • Furniture (lounges, sofas, dining tables, dining chairs & large cabinets) 
  • White goods (refrigerators & washing machines)
  • Renovation waste (roofing tiles, floor tiles, steel or wooden fencing & unwanted kitchen and bathroom accessories)
  • Garden waste (large branches, soil and plants)
  • Pianos - we dismantle your piano and remove it from your home safely
  • Spas & jacuzzis
  • Mattress & bed frames


Note that, our team takes hundreds of different types of unwanted household junk on a daily basis. 


The types of junk that we can able to take may complement any junk that your local council cannot take.

For example, the Inner West council will not take things such as car parts, building materials (bricks, concrete, soil or sand), however, those types of waste are things that we take on regularly.


Almost all types of household junk are suitable for a Sydney rubbish removal service.


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